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Hungarian Development Program Strengthens Cyber Security in Uganda

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.12.08.

Hungary has completed the largest ever economic development program in Africa in Uganda, as part of which the country’s financial sector has been protected against cyber attacks, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced in Kampala on Friday.

Speaking at the handover ceremony of the cyber security project implemented by a Hungarian company with a budget of HUF 1.5 billion (EUR 4 million), the Minister Szijjártó stressed that since Europe’s security also depends heavily on Africa’s security, Uganda has announced the largest ever Hungarian economic development program in Africa.

This included a project to build cyber security capacity to protect the local financial sector.

Péter Szijjártó noted that this was made necessary by the rapid digitization of the sector, leading to the strengthening of cyber security capacities and mobile payment systems. Experts set up an emergency response team, a security operations center, and an educational base.

He underlined that these solutions will strengthen Uganda’s cyber security and that the systems put in place under the project can significantly contribute to reducing potential risks, which is very important today as cyber security has become an important part of physical security.

The minister then emphasized that Uganda’s security and stability is in the European interest, and therefore also in the Hungarian interest,

Especially since the country is home to the largest number of refugees in Africa and is an important pillar of regional security and stability,”

he highlighted.

He warned that a destabilization of Uganda could trigger a new wave of mass migration towards Europe, which would have a serious impact on the security of the continent. Szijjártó also stressed the need to create a situation that would allow local people to stay in their home countries and to bring help to where the trouble is, in order to reduce illegal migration pressure.

Uganda can continue to count on Hungary’s support in maintaining stability and security,”

the politician underlined.

Minister Szijjártó said that the world is facing increasingly serious security challenges, including the growing importance of the digital space, where the number and severity of cyber attacks is increasing. Analyses show that the main targets for cyber criminals are sectors with higher profit potential, such as the financial and banking sectors, he added. Hungary has done its utmost in recent years to fight cyber criminals and contribute to international efforts in this field, Szijjártó concluded.


Hungary’s presence in Africa is growing as the country aims to tackle problems directly at the source. A comprehensive program of security, economic, humanitarian, and educational cooperation between Hungary and Chad was also announced this week. Minister Szijjártó explained that security is the basis of economic development and social stability. “Hungary is therefore ready to contribute to Chad’s efforts to guarantee security in the Sahel region, which is also of great importance for Europe, and to make the fight against terrorism in the region a success.”

Cooperation Program with Chad to be Launched in Key Strategic Areas
Cooperation Program with Chad to be Launched in Key Strategic Areas

Hungary is ready to succeed in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel region.Continue reading

Via MTI, Featured image via Facebook/Péter Szijjártó

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