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Hungarian Defense Forces’ First Leopard 2A7+HU Tank Arrives

Hungary Today 2023.08.23.

Munich-based company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has delivered the Hungarian Defense Forces’ first Leopard 2A7+HU tank, which is currently the most advanced in its class worldwide. The government has ordered 44 of these armored vehicles, as well as training, combat engineering rescue and bridge launching tanks, as part of the Zrínyi Defense and Force Development Program. The newly arrived reference Leopard will join the A4s previously procured for the brigade in Tata (near Budapest), further strengthening the armored power of the Hungarian Defense Forces, Magyar Nemzet reports.

According to information from LHSN.hu, a portal specializing in military technology, the equipment that has just arrived may only be reference examples, and will be returned to the manufacturer’s base after the Hungarian side takes delivery of the order, to serve as a reference for series production.

The German manufacturer will deliver the new Leopard 2A7+HU tanks between 2023 and 2025. The package will also include one vehicle for driving training and instruction, five Wisent 2 technical rescue vehicles and three Leguan bridge launchers. The acquisition will provide the Hungarian Defense Forces with the most modern tanks in Europe.

With the 2A7+HU tanks now arriving in Tata, Hungary will have armored fighting capabilities comparable to those of Germany and Denmark, making it a member of an elite club of armorers worldwide.

The Hungarian Defense Forces’ 25th Klapka György Rifle Brigade conducts Leopard 2A4HU driving exercise. Photo: Facebook/Magyar Honvédség

The latest new production members of the Leopard 2 tank family are the Hungarian 2A7+HU tanks. According to various industry reports, these weapons are built with reinforced bottom, front and roof armor, and are resistant to improvised explosive devices and anti-tank mines.

The vehicle is equipped with protection against incendiary liquids – Molotov cocktails, napalm – and an improved automatic fire extinguishing system.

In addition to its 1,500 horse-power turbo-diesel engine – capable of propelling the 65-ton tank at speeds of up to 70 kilometers – the vehicle has a 24 KW auxiliary power unit, supplying the on-board systems in a stationary, standby position and the air conditioning with electricity for increased efficiency.


German defense giant Rheinmetall’s plant in Zalaegerszeg (western Hungary) was recently inaugurated. The factory will produce KF41HU Lynx armored infantry fighting vehicles, one of the world’s most advanced combat vehicles. The most important piece of the Lynx’s remarkable main armament is the 30 mm automatic machine gun, which can fire programmable ammunition with a range of up to 3,000 meters. In parallel, a 7.62 millimeter machine gun can also be found on Lynxes. In addition to the main armament, there is a 12.7 millimeter remote-controlled weapons platform, as well as space for armor-piercing missiles on the turret.

The Hungarian Lynxes are quite large: 8.49 meters long, 3.8 meters wide and 3.73 meters high – but the latter may depend on the turret or other bodywork mounted on the vehicle’s hull. The size is matched by weight: the combat vehicles weigh 45 tons for the protection expected in the 21st century. Propulsion is provided by a 6-cylinder, 1463 hp Liebherr D9612 turbo diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission. The vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour and has a range of over 400 kilometers.

The commander operates a PERI RTWL periscope, which, unlike before, has an Attica thermal image with associated displays. The commander also has a full C2 (Command and Control) panel at his disposal, organizing all combat-related tasks.

The Leopard 2A7HU provides the commander with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and the gunner’s sighting system also includes a third-generation Attica thermal imaging camera.

Leopard armored vehicle. Photo: Honvédelem.hu

In terms of armament, the 120 millimeter anti-tank gun is the most powerful, latest version in its class, mated to a standard NATO caliber machine gun. The gun is capable of delivering programmed projectiles. On the turret roof is a RCWS, remotely controlled weapon mount, effective against small aerial targets, drones and “softer” ground targets, that will probably be fitted with the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun already in service on other combat vehicles in the armed forces.

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