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National Geographic conducted a representative survey, called “Go to the City,” to find out about the habits of the Hungarian population when visiting cities and which cities in Hungary are their favorites. Mentioned spontaneously, a third of the population prefers Budapest. After the capital, Eger is the second most popular city, with Pécs, Debrecen, and Szeged in a tie for third place.

The survey was conducted among 18-65-year-olds. In addition to finding out which are the most popular cities in Hungary, they also found out whether people like to “just walk” through the streets of their city, and whether they find their own city exciting.

As for favorite cities abroad, Vienna was the most mentioned. Fewer people voted for cities outside Europe, with New York being the most popular. 33% of those asked consider their own city exciting enough to explore if they want to see something interesting- they are not thinking of visiting either another city in their home country or abroad. Only 21% of the population feel that if all financial conditions were met, they would be willing to leave home and take a plane to visit a European city for a long weekend.

Kéktúra Among the World's Best Travel Destinations
Kéktúra Among the World's Best Travel Destinations

The website of National Geographic International magazine has listed the National Kéktúra (Blue Trail), a Hungarian hiking destination, as one of the twenty-five travel destinations recommended as the best trips to take in 2020.  In the ranking of one of the world’s most renowned scientific journals, the National Blue Trail is among destinations like the Kalahari Desert, […]Continue reading

Many of the people who took part in the research have been walking around their own city without any purpose in mind. When visiting another city, more people are interested in historic buildings than modern ones. The top three most popular sightseeing activities include visiting parks, and strolling along the promenade. More people prefer outdoor activities to indoor ones (e.g. theater, museums, bars).

The National Geographic channel has prepared a week-long program that will take viewers to foreign cities as well. The show, which focuses on cities and architecture, will air on National Geographic until October 15th.

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