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Hungarian-Chinese Cooperation to Revive Domestic Locomotive Manufacturing

Hungary Today 2024.05.21.

A Hungarian-Chinese partnership aims to be able to supply the entire European market with locomotives, reports Világgazdaság. In addition to the factory, there would be domestic freight wagon assembly, joint railway training, and research and development. With another Chinese partner, the Hungarian company would install the country’s largest interconnected solar power plant in Balotaszállás (southern Hungary).

Recently, Acemil signed a cooperation agreement with the same Chinese locomotive manufacturer whose vehicles are already on the Hungarian rails in the fleet of Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH), and whose parent company, CRRC, is known in Hungary and the region through several projects.

Photo via Facebook/CRRC Corporation Ltd.

Thanks to the cooperation between CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd. and Acemil, locomotive production in Hungary can be revived. There will also be joint freight wagon assembly in Hungary, as agreed between Acemil and CRRC Shandong Co. Ltd.

The parties aim to supply the entire European market with modern, world-class railway trains and locomotives.

In addition, they will cooperate in railway maintenance, training, and research and development, with the establishment of four joint centers.


The first electric-hybrid shunting locomotive of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd., arrived in Hungary in 2022. Built in the southeastern Chinese province of Hunan, it weighs 74 tons and uses a lithium-titanate battery when reversing. This locomotive is the first in the world to be able to travel up to 100 kilometers while towing freight on battery power.

At the same time, another giant project is unfolding: Hungary’s largest solar power plant will be built, also in a Hungarian-Chinese partnership. Acemil has signed an agreement with Pinggao Group for the joint development of energy projects in Hungary and the region.

Acemil’s first project is the 293 MW DC capacity project in Balotaszállás, which will be Hungary’s largest single solar power plant.

The rail and energy investment plans listed have a very important link: IT. The role of ISRV, a software, hardware, and energy company, could also be a common factor in these IT developments, as the company’s CEO, Gábor Kósa, is confident that they will be able to win contracts for projects. As he noted, there is a lot of money flowing into energy today because of

  • the move away from fossil fuels
  • the rise of green energy production
  • the aim to make electricity grids more flexible.

Furthermore, EU funds are also available for these purposes.

World-leading Solar Energy Performance Achieved
World-leading Solar Energy Performance Achieved

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In Hungary, the installation of solar power plants is now conditional on the installation of energy storage units. For a wind or solar power plant, energy storage equivalent to 20% of the plant’s capacity must be installed. The IT company can also be involved in the establishment of a world-class, green energy storage solution, for which it is of paramount importance to provide the right IT background. Green energy storage in this case means that the container-sized equipment does not emit any environmentally harmful substances and has a life cycle of around 30 years longer than its lithium-ion rivals. It is worth pointing out that

that these green energy storage units can also be used to rationalize energy management in industrial installations, condominiums, and energy communities.

In the case of railways, smart solutions can be used to optimize transport logistics, including the use of artificial intelligence, thus reducing journey times and costs. In addition to catching up on the backlog, the development of the Hungarian rail infrastructure is supported by the fact that not only does a significant volume of goods arrive from China, but trains loaded with goods from the EU are also sent eastwards via Hungary.

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Large-scale Rail Industry Cooperation Signed between Hungarian and Tunisian Companies

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Via Világgazdaság; Featured image via Facebook/CRRC Corporation Ltd.

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