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Hungarian Cheese Wins “World Cheese Championship”

Júlia Tar 2021.09.17.

The Balaton cheese from the Vászolyi Cheese Manufacturer was the only Hungarian brand to receive a gold medal at the World Cheese Championship in Tours, France.

The Mondial du Fromage was organized for the fifth time this year. Almost 200 vendors from around 50 countries entered 952 kinds of cheese, 153 of which were awarded bronze, silver, or gold medals. Eleven contestants prepared cheese platters and cheese dishes in front of spectators as part of the event.

The award was given to manufacturer owner, Kálmán Reményik, by Roland Barthélemy, the competition’s chief organizer.

The Vászolyi Cheese Manufacturer already won the Cheese of the Nations competition in 2019, which qualified them for the Mondial du Fromage. The company returned from France with a gold medal, the only Hungarian brand to receive it. The award-winning cheese is called Balaton. The semi-hard cheese is made from cow’s milk, turned by hand in a ripening room every day during the first two weeks of ripening, and every other day for up to two months, then twice a week, and the rind is washed with hydrochloric acid.

The Vászoly Cheese Manufacturer was founded by Kálmán Reményik, who switched from management and consulting to cheese-making in 2014. He and his wife enrolled in a cheese-making training course and started looking for a suitable plot of land for a small cheese factory in Vászoly. “We started making cheese in November 2014, and for Christmas I took a small sample to several people in the village to let them know about us,” Reményik said.

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Since 2015, the Balaton cheese has won three gold medals at the Hungarian Cheese Musters as well.

Source: Forbes.hu

Featured image via Mondial du Fromage’s Facebook page