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Here Are the Artists Hungarians Listen to Day and Night

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.07.11.
Hungarian artist Azahriah

Azahriah and Desh’s song titled Pullup was the most listened to on Spotify by the domestic audience, reaching almost 6.5 million plays in 2022. The most popular song on the same music streaming service is Harry Styles’ As It Was, played more than 1.7 billion times on the platform last year, according to research by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

The most played artist in Spotify’s world ranking was Bad Bunny. The name hides a 28-year-old man whose songs have been streamed more than five billion times over the year. The runner-up, Harry Styles, was listened to one and a half billion times less than Bunny, while Taylor Swift, in third place, was listened to 2.3 billion times less than Bunny. According to Spotify, Harry Styles’ As It Was, debuted on 1 April 2022, is the world’s most popular track, with more than 1.7 billion plays.

The English singer was also popular with Hungarian listeners with his eighth place, but

two young Hungarian singers, Azahriah and Desh, came out on top. Their song Pullup was played almost six and a half million times in 2022.

Of particular interest is the fact that for more than three years, 160 weeks in a row, the Hungarian top 200 has included Dzsúdló and Lil Frakk’s Lej, streamed 3.8 million times in 2022 alone.


Azahriah is a Hungarian singer-songwriter, who has been publishing under this name since 2019. As a sign of his popularity, he is about to embark on a European tour, with concerts in Vienna, London, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw. His manager said that when they first spoke to the UK organizers, they said that although they did not understand half of some of the lyrics, because they were in Hungarian, they had been listening to Azahriah in the office for weeks and loved it. Tickets for the concerts on the foreign tour are selling fast, with the Vienna event already sold out.

As for YouTube: the Hungarian audience is mainly interested in Hungarian artists on the platform. As in 2021, only one artist was foreigner out of the top 20 among Hungarians, Eminem. There is much more movement in the domestic top list than in the global one. A new hit can bring millions of views in a few days, but the constant stream of new releases pushes each other off the podium. The most-watched among Hungarians in 2022 is 21-year-old Azahriah, the media authority pointed out.

Three of the top 20 singers in the radio in Hungary are present in the YouTube top 20: Halott Pénz, Follow The Flow and Bagossy Brothers Company.

However, a significant group of Hungarian residents (especially young people) stay away from linear radio broadcasts.

On Spotify, YouTube and many other online content providers’ platforms, they act as program editors themselves, using algorithms refined over many years to help them select tracks.

Interestingly, none of the most successful bands on the music streaming platform have made the radio top 20. On the contrary, those artists that have made the top 20 on radio, such as Margaret Island, Magna Cum Laude, Rúzsa Magdi or Irie Maffia, usually have had minimal success on Spotify.

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