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Healthcare Is Improving in Villages in the Framework of a Specific Program

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.07.28.
Renewed medical practice in Pásztó

More than HUF 25 billion (EUR 65 million) worth of healthcare improvements have been implemented under the Hungarian Village Program (Magyar Falu Program), the Government Commissioner for the Development of Modern Settlements of the Prime Minister’s Office said on Thursday in Tállya, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, where a renewed medical service apartment was handed over.

Alpár Gyopáros added that ten percent of this amount has been allocated to the county, and overall, more than HUF 70 billion (EUR 1.8 billion) of funding has already been allocated to the region under the Hungarian Village Program.

He stressed that

due to the shortage of medical professionals, they would also like to support young doctors who would like to work in villages and small towns by providing them with service apartments.

He pointed out that in the last three years, since the creation of medical service apartments and houses in small villages, 178 GP practices have managed to avoid being without a doctor.


The Hungarian Village Program has set as priority the strengthening and development of small villages of less than 5,000 inhabitants, improving the quality of life and stopping the exodus of the population. Four years after its launch, the combined positive impact of the sub-program for small-scale village development, the housing subsidy, and the village road can be seen in the daily life of the villages. The advantage of the Hungarian Village Program is that it is flexible, and the government is constantly expanding and developing it, taking into account the needs expressed by the stakeholders. It has broadened the range of beneficiaries as well.

In addition, more than two thousand health service-related improvements have been carried out, including

the renovation or construction of clinics, the replacement of medical equipment, or the construction of medical and nursing service housing,

the commissioner emphasized.

Speaking at the event, Richárd Hörcsik, Fidesz Member of Parliament for the region, said that over the past five to six years, 32 GP services in the region have been improved, including the reconstruction of clinics, costing around HUF 50-70 million (EUR 130,974-183,364).

The renewed medical service dwelling. Photo via MTI/János Vajda

The politician stressed that it was important for the municipalities to provide doctors with modern service housing and to create conditions similar to those that a general practitioner could expect in bigger cities.

Hörcsik also pointed out that

over the past five to seven years, tenders have been implemented in the county, mainly to help young people stay in the region. He mentioned the construction of nurseries, the reconstruction of schools, and the refurbishment of medical centers as examples.

Szabolcs Serfőző, the independent mayor of Tállya, said that the 85-square-meter medical service apartment was renovated with a HUF 33 million (EUR 86,443) grant from the Hungarian Village Program.

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Via MTI, Featured photo via Facebook/Farkas Attila közszereplő 

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