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Geert Wilders at the CPAC conference

CPAC Hungary continues with speeches from European national-conservative leaders, including Harald Vilimsky, MEP for the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) and Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV).

At the start of his address, Harald Vilimsky greeted the audience of CPAC in Hungarian. He continued by saying that the followers of the “one-world ideology”, those who are against nation and family, will, in his opinion, loose the next European Parliament elections. His party, the FPÖ, is heading towards a victory, but to achieve this will not be a simple task. Victory of a single party will not bring about change, we have to unite and form alliances all across Europe and the United States, said the FPÖ MEP.

Photo: Hungary Today

He stressed that the political “pendulum” has swung to the left for too long, we must therefore create a counter-movement towards the center.

In his assessment, Austria is ruled by “so called” conservatives (ÖVP, ed. note), who are not genuine.

In fact, they are leftists, same as some fake conservatives in the U.S., alluding to some Republicans who have been accused of being in cahoots with the ruling Democrats. They call themselves conservatives but they are globalists who destroy our culture, stressed Vilimsky.

The Austrian politician called the European Parliament “the center of European madness”, the “eye of Mordor” (evil power in the novel “Lord of the Rings”). In contrast, our common goal is to protect our countries from illegal migration and from organized abuse of the migration-system. We do not want Mohammed to become the most common name in our countries, stressed Vilimsky. In Hungary you have a prime minister who truly cares about the Hungarian people. Viktor Orbán is a key figure in the process of a successful merger of conservatives forces in Europe. It is great to have Hungary on board of this alliance, said Mr. Vilimsky.

What defines conservative parties in the EU is their goal to preserve and maintain the diversity of European national cultures.

Migration brought terrorism to Europe, think of the Charlie Hebdo or Bataclan outrages in France, the Brussels airport incident in 2016, when 32 people have lost their lives, or the attack at the Strasbourg Christmas market. The advocates of globalism on the left bring terrorism to Europe and take away the rights of the indigenous population at the same time. Our commitment is to Europe’s Christian Western heritage, the MEP said.

Twitter Harald Vilimsky

He also spoke about the importance of ending the war in Ukraine, and mentioned that his party advocates a ceasefire. Vilimsky also called on Americans to “get rid of sleepy Joe Biden”, a term often used by former president Donald Trump.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders started his presentation by addressing the Dutch press saying that the media is claiming that he will kill coalition negotiations by speaking at CPAC Hungary. This will not happen, he stressed, and explained that if the Dutch press is not comfortable with his party’s international outreach they should simply “go home”.

Speaking about his election victory he asked “How did we do that in Holland?” He explained that he is standing on the shoulders of giants: such as murdered film maker Theo van Gogh, or former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

New serious threats have emerged in the world, and that is why CPAC is such an important even, continued Mr. Wilders. Courage leads to bravery, “that is why I came to Budapest to encourage you”. He also called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán his “friend” after an earlier meeting between the two. Viktor Orbán is a great leader, who protects Hungarians against illegal immigration. “I wish more EU leaders would follow his immigration policies”, he said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (R) with Geert Wilders at his residence in Buda Castle. Photo: MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Benko Vivien Cher

The Dutch politician continued by saying that there are currently two major existential threats facing Europe:

The first is Wokism that claims that there are no objective truths, no freedom, no nation or family. For them everything is relative, subjective and interchangeable.

That is the message of the leftist elites, who are selling countries out when they are in power. They abolish national currencies, sovereignty, ruin the middle classes and farmers, pervert the education of children, open borders for mass immigration, explained Geert Wilders.

The other existential threat is the problem of demographic decline. The population of Africa will quadruple by the end of the century to over 5 billion inhabitants, a third of them want to come to Europe. Many who come are entirely unskilled people, economic opportunists. These immigrants do not benefit our society, instead they put strain on Europe’s welfare system.

Despite the massive costs, mass immigration is encouraged and seen as “enrichment” to European societies.

Look around you in Europe, not in Budapest, but in most other cities there are no go zones, where women are no longer safe, where our Judeo-Christian values have disappeared. Look around, people are waving terrorist flags and shouting antisemitic messages. 67 percent of Arabs consider the Israeli massacre on October 7, 2023 as legitimate, explained the Dutch politician.

Geert Wilders told his audience that he lost his freedom 20 years ago, when Islamic fanatics have put him on a death list. He lives in army barracks with his wife under 24 hours protection, because he dared to criticize Islam. “But we will never give in to totalitarianism, or death threats. Freedom of speech is sacred, and we will never compromise with the truth”, he pledged. Many European nations are being overrun by illegal immigrants, more than they can handle.

We must stand and yell stop, we must stand by our people, never abandon our beliefs”. We must yell “stop!” at the bureaucrats in Brussels when they want more federalism and less sovereignty. We must yell “stop!” at their open borders policies,

he asked his audience.

Tired of being ignored and of their values being trampled on, the Dutch people said enough at the November 2023 parliamentary elections. Some 25 percent of Dutch voters backed Wilders’ PVV, he pointed out.

He concluded his speech with a message to “brave conservatives” – “if you yell stop at these policies, millions of good citizens will vote for you, because they want to save the future of their children. Continue the fight, finish the course, realize that we stand on the shoulder of giants.” Together we have a message – national conservatives are today on the rise in Europe and are getting stronger. We will continues to force to stop illegal immigration and with this message we can win more and more elections.

After his speech Geert Wilders thanked his audience in Hungarian.

Foreign and Trade Minister Péter Szijjártó also spoke at CPAC Hungary. He explained his audience that despite Hungary’s critics democracy is still a democracy even if conservative forces win the parliamentary elections.

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. Photo: Hungary Today

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