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PMO Head Gulyás Attends Central Europe Forum in Vienna

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.11.13.

Hungary is among Europe’s most successful countries in terms of restarting its economy, the prime minister’s chief of staff told MTI by phone on the sidelines of a conference held on Friday under the auspices of the Central Europe Forum in Vienna and focusing on the EU’s future and economic outlook.

Gergely Gulyás said that Hungary was among countries with the fastest growing economy in the EU, the first country in restoring its pre-pandemic economic performance.

Concerning the conference, Gulyás said that participants highlighted a distinctly central European identity, and concluded that central Europeans were at the forefront of efforts aimed at preserving traditional European values. Participants in the event “do not want a United States of Europe; they consider the EU as an alliance of states and expect the European Commission to take a non-political role of observing the community’s treaties”, Gulyás said.

PMO Head Gulyás Tests Positive for Covid
PMO Head Gulyás Tests Positive for Covid

The report from the Prime Minister's Office states that Gulyás will now be fulfilling his ministerial duties to the best of his ability from home quarantine.Continue reading

The issue of migration was also discussed and representatives of the participating countries called for a “unified support for Poland”, adding that it could be “physical support if Poland requests it, and financial support by all means”, Gulyás said. The EU must contribute to the costs of external border protection incurred both in Poland and Hungary, Gulyás said.

“We will have free movement in the European Union… as long as we are able to effectively protect its external borders,” Gulyás said.

Featured image via Attila Kovács/MTI