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Growth of the Population in Budapest Agglomeration Seems Unstoppable

Hungary Today 2023.07.19.
Leányfalu, a riverside village near the Budapest metropolitan area from a bird’s eye view.

Many municipalities are trying to curb the process, but the growth of the population of the agglomeration around the capital seems unstoppable, despite the fact that there is a growing problem in these municipalities, not only with educational institutions but also with what is considered basic infrastructure, says Helix Consulting, based on the latest population data released by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) –reports Index.

Helix Consulting pointed out that the overpopulation of the agglomeration around Budapest is far from over, according to the latest data from the Central Statistical Office. “As has been said by several sources,

it is not a lack of space, but rather a lack of infrastructure, such as roads, water, and sewerage networks, healthcare, kindergartens and schools, which cannot keep up with demand,”

said Tamás Hegedüs, Head of Location Analytics at Helix Consulting.

Excluding Budapest, there were some 12-15,000 more people living in the cluster last December than at the beginning of the year.

Depending on whether we count only the settlements of Pest county or the more difficult to define but significantly larger area that is attracted by the capital, from where, for example, masses of people commute on a daily basis,

the population has grown almost everywhere.

At the same time, data shows that around 6,000 people moved out of Budapest last year – not all to the agglomeration.

“It’s hard to list all the advantages of the capital, and the agglomeration used to promise all of that, without the disadvantages of being a metropolis. Although today the situation may no longer be true in many ways, and precisely because of overpopulation,

the area around Budapest can now be a source of many disappointments for those who move there just for the sake of it; the trend does not seem to be stopping yet,”

they explain.

In essence, with the exception of Dunakeszi, there is no district in the capital’s environment where the balance of migration has not been positive, and therefore the population has not increased in this respect.

Finally, the data summarizes that the population of the districts of Gödöllő (1.41 percent growth, + 2,208 people) and Gárdony (1.79 percent growth, +661 people) increased the fastest, while the population of the aforementioned Dunakeszi district (-0.3 percent, -259 people) showed a slight decrease.

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Featured image: Facebook/Leányfalu Nagyközség

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