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The Hungarian government has decided to adopt a resolution in support of Poland and to “condemn ignoble attacks by Brussels”, Justice Minister Judit Varga announced.

Varga said on Facebook that the European Commission had launched a “harsh attack on Poland, as yet unprecedentedly interfering with the administration of justice and legislation of a sovereign member state”. She added that the procedure was “shocking” and “unacceptable”.

The minister argued that the Polish government had indicated its intention to drop a contested rule concerning the disciplinary council of the Polish supreme court, but the Commission “ignored the Polish pledge and questioned the Polish government’s commitment and initiated imposition of a coercive fine”.

FM Szijjártó: Hungary, Poland Cooperate in Handling Migration
FM Szijjártó: Hungary, Poland Cooperate in Handling Migration

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“We fully support Poland and take solidarity with our Polish friends,” Varga said, adding that “we will consider ways to support Warsaw in European court procedures”. She also added that “the national judiciary of any member state must not fall victim to empire-building endeavors in Brussels”.

Featured image via Judit Varga’s Facebook page