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Government Works to Preserve Europe’s Christian Identity, Says Justice Minister

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.05.09.

The Hungarian government is working every day to make Europe Christian, the Justice Minister said in Budapest on Monday. Judit Varga addressed the public at a conference titled ‘Europe Day – When the future began. Lessons from the history of the European Union, organized by the Institute for Strategic Studies of the National University of Public Service’.

The minister referred to the words of Robert Schuman, one of the founding fathers of the European Union, who said that Europe will either be Christian or it will not be. Judit Varga said that what is successful in Hungary “can also be successful on a large scale in Europe,” which is why conservative values are being upheld.

She emphasized that for her, respect for unity and diversity is a guiding principle in her daily work in the EU. She mentioned that the European Parliament elections will be held next spring, followed by the Hungarian EU presidency.

The presidency is given every 13.5 years, so we must seize the opportunity and show Hungary’s ability and creativity,

the Justice Minister said. She added that the country holding the EU presidency must also ensure the implementation of the goals that are set and the continuity of legislation.

Varga stressed that Hungary had joined a Union in which the culture of consensus was considered the most important principle of the treaties. The minister indicated that

the government believes that it is not always possible to give away national autonomy, and that in many policy areas each country has the right to choose its own instruments.

She called the EU Presidency immediately after the elections “a special period,” adding that Hungary’s task was to formulate a viable alternative for Europe. She said that strategic decisions are already being made in the context of the presidency.

Hungary celebrates peace and unity in Europe on May 9, the day commemorating the Schuman declaration, which is seen as the beginning of the road to the EU. Schuman outlined a cooperation between European countries to avoid the outbreak of wars, which is particularly important now with the war in Ukraine, where the importance of peace is now felt at close quarters.

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