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Government Plans to Withdraw Privileges for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Hungary Today 2024.03.05.

The Ministry of Construction and Transport stated that the measure to cancel green license plates and all associated benefits for plug-in hybrid cars is still on the table, reports Pénzcentrum.

According to János Lázár, Minister of  Construction and Transport, it is a “social expectation” to tighten the rules on green license plates. If the amendment passes, about 38,000 motorists would lose their green license plates and with them free parking and tax advantages, the portal writes.


Under the Hungarian legislation, green license plates can be issued to environmentally friendly cars. Green license plates are available in Hungary only for zero-emission, pure electric, and internal combustion engine cars with a range of 25 or 50 km in pure electric operation.

Photo: Facebook/Energiaügyi Minisztérium

It emerged last autumn that a tightening was planned, but since then there has been no news on the process.

If Lázár’s proposal goes through,

plug-in hybrid cars would lose the benefits of a special number plate, such as free parking, as well as registration tax, road tax, car tax for businesses, and property tax on the sale of the car.

In response to a question from Pénzcentrum, the ministry said that the transport sector, including 98 percent of road transport, is responsible for a fifth of Hungary’s greenhouse gas emissions, and that reducing emissions can be greatly helped by modernizing the vehicle fleet and promoting the uptake of clean, zero-emission vehicles.

Photo via Pixabay

“The environmental performance of pure electric vehicles is far superior to that of other vehicles that are partly electric but also have an internal combustion engine, and it is therefore appropriate to review the maintenance of the same level of operating benefits. Societal expectations are also pointing in this direction, as in many cases vehicles with a green license plate are driving and benefiting from similar benefits as a pure electric and therefore zero emission car, which has a larger internal combustion engine than the average petrol or diesel car,” the ministry explained.

They added:

In order to meet environmental targets, further promote the greening of transport and reduce emissions, and in line with societal expectations, the review of the regulation on green license plate eligibility is underway.”

As the portal writes, the “clean, zero-emission vehicles” part of the ministry’s response may suggest that electric cars with a range extender would also be included in the tightening. In this case, almost 38,000 cars could lose their green plates. With a total of 88,229 green license plates issued by the end of January, the tightening would mean that 43 percent of the license plates entitled to the special benefits would disappear from the roads.

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Number of Green Vehicles in the Country Increases Fivefold in Four Years

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Via Pénzcentrum, Featured image: Facebook/Energiaügyi Minisztérium

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