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Government Will Not Give Up on Working with the Biden Administration

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.07.20.

The Hungarian government is trying to cooperate with the current Democratic administration in a pragmatic and allied manner, which is not always received well, Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, said in Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

In an interview with the Hungarian public media, Gergely Gulyás pointed out that as the United States remains the world’s leading power, it is very important that Hungarian-American relations are in the best possible state. There is a great divide in American politics today, and while the administration is not receptive to Hungary’s efforts to cooperate pragmatically as an ally, the Republican Party politicians are friends of Hungary, and believe that the successful conservative governance that has characterized Hungary over the past decade can serve as a good example for them, he said.

He noted that “if there is a political change in the United States – which of course depends on the decision of the Americans – then it is certain that with a conservative US administration, Hungarian-American relations can develop a lot.” He added that “the views of the American electorate must be respected and whoever is in government we will try to work with,” but that “it seems, with not the same degree of success.”

On the cultural and values debates overseas, he said that in the United States there remained a very strong conservative party, the Republican Party, while

in Western Europe the once conservative parties have given up very much of what they stood for over decades.

“In this sense, the Republican Party is ideologically much closer to us. Whether it is gender issues, family policy, or the fact that the nation is the basis for cooperation and that everyone puts their own country first, on these issues we are in full agreement with the Republican Party,” the Prime Minister said.

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On the war in Ukraine, he said it was a matter of debate within the Republican Party, but

the majority view was that a ceasefire and early peace talks were needed, and that is also the view of the most popular Republican presidential candidate at the moment, Donald Trump.

On the Donal Trump indictments, Gulyás said that in the United States it is a new phenomenon to use criminal law against a former president and the most popular presidential candidate in cases that have been investigated many times and for many years.

But I would not like to follow the current practice of the US administration and interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, even if it is a common practice on their part. What we hope for is that there is a possibility for rule of law procedures to take place here in America, and we are concerned at most because it seems that there may be a political motivation behind these procedures and their timing,”

the minister said.

In the US capital, Gulyás met with members of the federal legislature, mostly Republican senators and representatives, as well as with heads of analytical institutions.

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Featured image: Facebook/Gulyás Gergely

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