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Government Gives Priority to Railway Development

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.07.07.

The government gives priority to railway development, because Hungary is an inescapable factor in this respect in the region, said the Secretary of State for Transport of the Ministry of Construction and Transport.

At the central Railway Day celebration of Raaberbahn or GYSEV, a Hungarian-Austrian railway, in Sopron, Bálint Nagy stressed that the government believes that rail passenger and freight transport have a great future, and that these are the most environmentally friendly and sustainable modes of transport,”  both in Hungary and abroad.

The Secretary of State stressed that

GYSEV is a company with a history of more than 150 years, representing both tradition and a modern future.

The application of new technologies, all-round improvements, ease of sales, maintenance of the fleet and buildings, and the timeliness of vehicle procurement are critical for GYSEV to become a dominant player in the transport sector in western Transdanubia and eastern Austria, emphasized Nagy.

State Secretary Bálint Nagy. Photo: Facebook/Nagy Bálint

He also spoke about how on Railway Employees’ Day, the whole country celebrates railway workers, adding that their professional life is a vocation and a service, just like soldiers, police officers, ambulance workers, or firefighters. He highlighted that

the daily life of the railway community is characterized by precision, teamwork, and a belief in success.

János Perényi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GYSEV Zrt., said that

the company represents a unique link between Hungary and Austria, which must be preserved and developed as much as possible.

Photo: Facebook/GYSEV Zrt.

Szilárd Kövesdi, CEO of GYSEV Zrt., said that many railway stations had been modernized over the past year, adding that the station in Sopron near the Austrian border, has been renovated and its capacity expansion plans have been completed.

He pointed out that the European train control system was recently inaugurated on the Sopron-Szombathely-Szentgotthárd line, allowing transit freight trains to run without stopping and passenger transport to be made safer. Further improvements are planned, including the renewal of rolling stock to ensure a higher quality of service, he emphasized.

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Featured photo via Facebook/GYSEV Zrt.

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