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Ganz’s Manufacturing Expands for Nuclear and Renewable Energy Markets

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.02.28.

Ganz Transformer and Electrical Rotating Machinery Manufacturing Ltd. has embarked on a HUF 4.65B (EUR 11.8M) technology development project within its rotating machinery business.

The initiative entails the renovation of tools and equipment used in production, alongside a comprehensive modernization of the machinery. Aligned with Ganz’s long-term strategy, these enhancements aim to elevate the plant into a modern manufacturing facility, primed to cater to the renewable energy sector.

Anticipated to conclude within two years, the investment is poised to yield a significant surge in orders for Ganz’s rotating equipment business, with sales projected to triple within three years.

Concurrently, the company plans to double its workforce in the business division.

Recalling Ganz’s reactivation of production in 2020, at its Tápiószele plant in central Hungary, it is noteworthy that the transformers and rotating machines manufactured by the company are now prevalent across various industries. While previously prioritizing orders from the nuclear sector and energy sector service and refurbishment contracts, Ganz has redirected its focus towards meeting the demands of the renewable energy sector since resuming production four years ago. The company has achieved substantial growth in its rotating machinery business in recent years, serving clients across Hungary and Europe with its motors and generators.

The robust machinery emanating from Ganz’s facilities finds application in numerous European countries and the Middle East.

Established in 2020, Ganz Transformer and Electrical Rotating Machinery Manufacturing Ltd. acquired the Ganz factory in Tápiószele through public auction, following liquidation proceedings against CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt. in July 2020. This restructuring has reinstated the company as 100% Hungarian-owned, marking a return to its roots after more than 15 years.

Operating out of its Tápiószele facility, the company specializes in custom-made high-voltage electrical equipment including transformers, motors, and generators, offering complementary service activities.

With over 400 employees, it stands as one of the largest employers in the region.

Publicly available data indicates that Ganz Transformer and Electrical Rotating Machinery Manufacturing Ltd. recorded net sales of EUR 43.893M in 2022, compared to EUR 22.749M the previous year. The company closed 2022 with a profit of EUR 2.295M, a slight decline from EUR 3.02M in 2021.


Ábrahám Ganz established an iron foundry in Buda in 1844. After his passing, management was entrusted to colleagues, leading to the formation of Ganz & Co. The company evolved into Ganz and Company-Danubius Electricity, Machinery, Wagon, and Shipyard Ltd. In 1878, András Mechwart founded the electrical department, with Károly Zipernowsky joining later. Ganz-MÁVAG, formed in 1959, split into smaller entities in 1988. Ganz Holding Rt. has operated as a holding company since 1990.

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