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At the end of February, the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) will host a conference on the current state of education and its most pressing issues, under the title MCC Budapest Summit on Education.

Among the invited speakers will be Fernando Griffith, former Paraguayan Minister of Culture, former Brazilian Secretary of State for Family Affairs Angela Gandra, and British historian and writer Nicholas Tate.

They added that

looking at Western countries, it is clear that the education system that has given the West an advantage over other civilizations since the mid-19th century, is deteriorating. For the first time in centuries, future generations will be less educated than those of the past.

At the conference, Nicholas Tate will discuss the revival of classical education. His latest book, The Conservative School, will be presented to Hungarian audiences on the evening before the summit.

The volume covers creativity, cultural literacy, mindful presence, and the role of religion in schools.

Barry S. Strauss, Professor at Cornell University, will focus on the place of philosophy in education, while Sefika Sule Ercetin, Head of Department at Hacettepe University in Ankara, will discuss how to measure student success in education. The role of the family in education will be the topic of Brazilian speaker Angela Gandra. Fernando Griffith from Paraguay will “explore the issue of political activism, a growing threat to education,” according to the MCC.

After the two-day event, the speakers who will take part in panel discussions and will also give presentations at more than 10 MCC locations around the country.

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