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Foundation Stone Laid for Hungary’s First Space Technology Manufacturing Center

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.05.07.

Hungary’s economic ecosystem, infrastructure, and intellectual capital make it well suited to become a player in the space industry, the Minister for National Economy stressed. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Martonvásár (central Hungary) for the space technology manufacturing center of Remred, the space industry portfolio company of 4iG Space and Technology holding.

Márton Nagy said at the event that the Hungarian satellite manufacturing capability is not only an economic and security issue, but also one of sovereignty. He added that the sector has a bright future, as space is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and according to international surveys, it is also crisis-proof, with a value estimated to rise from USD 630 billion in 2023, to USD 1,800 billion in 2035.

The Minister emphasized that

the Remtech facility will be an investment of more than HUF 10 billion (EUR 25.7 million) and will create at least 85 high value-added jobs.

Nagy pointed out that the space industry, representing the peak of technological development, has an extremely strong multiplier effect, meaning that the resulting technological innovations can be used in many other economic segments.

Minister Márton Nagy. Photo via MTI/Vasvári Tamás

According to the Minister, “a previously unimaginable venture” will soon become tangible, which is particularly important because Hungary has great factories and production centers, but “this will be a Hungarian company with Hungarian technology.”

István Sárhegyi, co-founder of Remred and CEO of 4iG Space and Technology, highlighted that

the investment in Martonvásár could soon make Hungary a major player in the global space market.

He noted that already in the planning phase of the center, the largest international companies and manufacturers have offered their cooperation, proving that there is a huge international market demand for the production of satellites in low earth orbit (LEO) and various space equipment. In the space sector, he underlined that their aim is to build on their own engineering capabilities to develop new and unique space assets and satellites, and to become strategic partners of the major satellite and space companies and national and international space agencies.

With the investment of 4iG Group and Remred, they will have unique capabilities and infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe, said Gellért Jászai, President of 4iG Group, adding that space is the area with the highest growth potential alongside the Group’s traditional businesses of IT and telecommunications.

The space technology production center will have a floor area of 4,000 square meters, of which 1,500 will be clearance space, 650 will be laboratories, and 750 will be offices. The complex will be used for the design, manufacture, and testing of satellites and state-of-the-art space systems from 2026 onward, using modular technology unique in Europe, with a maximum space equipment manufacturing capacity of 400 kilograms.


Hungary adopted its first space strategy in 2021. The strategy sets the vision of Hungary to become a relevant player in space, deeply embedded in international cooperation. It defines three, mutually supportive strategic objectives:

  1. Utilizing the space sector to stimulate innovation and contribute to the sustainable growth of the national economy.
  2. Strengthening Hungary’s international role, broadening its network, and creating framework and further opportunities for cooperation.
  3. The creation of essential and conducive social and economic conditions to enhance the development of the space sector.

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Via MTI; Featured image via Facebook/4iG Nyrt.

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