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Former Local Jobbik Politician Arrested on Suspicion of Child Pornography

Hungary Today 2021.08.06.

Police have opened an investigation against a man from the town of Gyula in southeastern Hungary, who is suspected of having made pornographic videos of children. As it was later revealed, the suspect is formerly a local politician of opposition party Jobbik.

A man from the town of Gyula has been arrested and is under criminal investigation for child pornography and other crimes, police announced on Monday. At the time in the interests of the investigation, no more information was revealed about the suspect.

Later, however, the chairman of the local Jobbik branch in Gyula, Lajos Csengeri, confirmed to local news site Beol that the man in question was in fact one of the party’s candidates during the 2019 local elections. Csengeri added that the man had left the party since then. He also said that having known the suspect for decades, he found the news shocking like everyone else in the community. However, he also stressed that everyone has the right to the presumption of innocence until a final court judgment proving guilt.

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Citing local sources, pro-government portal, Bennfentes, reported that following the arrest police have also reopened a local murder case dating back nearly 23 years.

Nikolett Szathmáry disappeared in Gyula when she was just seven years old. Her body was found three years later in 2001 near a drainage canal in a bag. Her killer was never identified and remains at large. The case shocked the Hungarian public at the time. According to the portal, a DNA sample was also taken from the former local Jobbik politician in relation to the murder case.

Péter Jakab, the president of Jobbik, also shared his opinion regarding the man accused of making pedophile videos on social media.

In his Facebook post, Jakab wrote that his opinion on the news is the same as any normal person’s: “If I could, I would rip his balls off.” However, since the laws do not allow for this, he believes that chemical castration proposed by Jobbik for years would also be a good solution.

Featured photo illustration by Tibor Rosta/MTI