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Foreign Minister Szijjártó: “Hungary and Switzerland stand together for sovereignty and peace”

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.05.24.

Hungary and Switzerland emphasize the importance of bilateral cooperation, focusing on sovereignty, peace, and combating illegal migration, stated Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó, during a press conference with his Swiss counterpart Ignazio Cassis in Budapest.

According to Minister Szijjártó, Hungary has always respected Switzerland, particularly for its role in providing refuge to Hungarian citizens after the revolution and freedom fight in 1956, and its commitment to sovereignty and peace.

Mr. Szijjártó highlighted the ongoing relevance of these issues in Europe, criticizing the persistence of migration quotas in Brussels and the EU’s pro-migration stance. He pledged that during Hungary’s upcoming EU presidency, the government would work to reform immigration policy to prevent illegal migration. He expressed concerns about pressures on governments maintaining sovereign and pro-peace policies, citing international interference and smear campaigns.

In Hungary, we see millions of dollars flowing in, international smear campaigns, and even an assassination attempt on the prime minister of Slovakia, our neighbor,” Péter Szijjártó remarked.

He emphasized Hungary’s determination to uphold peace despite external pressures, noting the significance of electing pro-peace politicians to the European Parliament. “It is time to stop this madness. On June 9, the citizens of the European Union will have the opportunity to elect pro-peace politicians to the European Parliament, potentially ending both the war and the escalation madness,” he said.

Photo: MTI / Soós Lajos

The Minister praised Switzerland’s peace efforts, welcoming the peace conference and stressing the need for the participation of all involved parties. He highlighted the importance of open communication channels and expressed a desire to conclude institutional agreements with Switzerland during Hungary’s EU presidency. “We want the European Union to return to common sense and include Switzerland in the Horizon and Erasmus+ programs,” he said.

He noted the record-breaking bilateral trade between Hungary and Switzerland, exceeding EUR 2B last year.

Over the past decade, forty Swiss companies received state aid for their investments in Hungary, employing over 30,000 people.

Minister Ignazio Cassis focused on the aim of the Swiss peace conference to initiate a peace process in Ukraine, emphasizing that this is impossible without Russia’s involvement. “The goal of the planned peace conference is to launch a peace process rather than seek a military solution. Everything will be done to involve Russia, because ‘there is no unilateral path to peace, it is an illusion,'” he underlined.

Mr. Cassis stressed the need for realism and common sense over wishful thinking.

The question is not whether Russia should be part of the peace process, but when,” he stated.

He emphasized the necessity of Russia’s involvement, warning against self-deception. “At some point, Russia must be involved, or we are lying to ourselves, and we must not do that,” he added.

The Swiss Foreign Minister acknowledged the difficulty in engaging Russia, noting that Russia has declined participation three times, mistakenly believing the peace conference would only focus on the Ukrainian peace plan. He reiterated the need for Russia’s involvement from the beginning to ensure a successful peace process.

EU Presidency, War Conflicts, and Economic Cooperation Discussed with Swiss President
EU Presidency, War Conflicts, and Economic Cooperation Discussed with Swiss President

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Via MTI; Featured Image:MTI / Soós Lajos

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