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Fidesz MEP Gál: We Are at a Key Moment in the Era of the Gigantic Duel Between Good and Evil

Hungary Today 2021.09.21.

“In Europe, certain forces want to undermine sovereignty, national self-esteem, and the family as the forces that keep the individual alive with a great final attack,” said Fidesz MEP Kinga Gál on the second day of the VII Friends of Hungary Conference.

“We are at a key moment, a time of a gigantic duel between good and evil,” said the Fidesz politician. The mainstream, she said, is undermining fundamental values such as nation, religion, and family. Europe is characterized by a moral crisis and a lack of tolerance towards those who think differently, those who do not belong to the mainstream.

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Fidesz MEP Trócsányi: “The EU is in Crisis, Problems are Growing, but I Believe in Europe”

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Referring to the demographic crisis, she said that Europe is now a continent of empty cradles. Some see immigrants as the solution, but this would mean a change of identity, which “we would like to avoid” and we would like to see policies that support families and strengthen national identities.

Referring to the words of Pope John Paul II, she said that the nation itself is one big family. And from national identity, we can easily move on to the question of national minorities.

The Fidesz MEP criticized the European Union for not having a comprehensive minority protection legislation that protects individuals belonging to traditional national minorities with binding laws, despite the fact that 10% of the EU belongs to such minorities. She also criticized the tendency to make “minority” an umbrella term, including immigrants or sexual minorities, making it harder to put the protection of national minorities on the agenda.

According to Gál, the commission regularly invokes a lack of competence in cases of infringements affecting national minorities (as it did, for example, in the case of the Minority SafePack European citizens’ initiative, despite the more than 1 million signatures collected), but in the case of Hungary it feels competent to act, for example, to override the “Child Protection Act.”

However, despite the commission’s rejection of the Minority SafePack citizens’ initiative, the campaign had a positive effect: it showed the “Hungarian national unity’s boundless strength.” Afterward, the Fidesz politician praised the decisions of the Orbán administration, including the Constitution and the simplified naturalization procedure, thanks to which “it has become accepted that without a nation there is no homeland, and without Hungarians abroad there is no nation.” Finally, Gál reminded the audience of their responsibility to return to their own communities and “help our small country and our great nation to prosper.”

Photos by Tamás Lénárd/Hungary Today