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Fidesz Calls for Effective Fight against Corruption in Brussels

Mariann Őry 2023.02.17.

The European Parliament urges the EU to set up an independent ethics body to “restore citizens’ trust.” According to Fidesz MEPs, national parliaments must be involved in the fight against corruption.

The European Parliament adopted two resolutions on the issue of transparency and integrity in EU decision-making on Thursday.

According to the parliament’s press statement, MEPs reiterated that they will show “zero tolerance for corruption in any shape and at any level” and insist that Parliament must show “unequivocal unity and unwavering resolve” in this regard. The European Parliament notes that

NGOs have allegedly been used as vectors of foreign interference, and urges a review of existing regulations to enhance transparency on their governance, budget, foreign influence, and persons of significant control.

The resolution was adopted with 401 votes for, three against, and 133 abstentions.

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In a second statement, MEPs reiterated their call for an independent ethics body for the EU institutions, “to restore citizens’ trust.” According to the document, the ethics body would “play a key role in protecting whistleblowers within the EU institutions, while working in a complementary manner with other EU bodies such as the anti-fraud office (OLAF), the Public Prosecutors Office (EPPO), the Ombudsman and the European Court of Auditors.” The resolution was adopted with 388 votes for, 72 against, and 76 abstentions.

The delegation of Hungary’s governing Fidesz party calls for “profound changes” instead of “sham institutions.” According to MEP László Trócsányi – Hungary’s former minister of justice – “a new ethics body must be capable of effectively fighting corruption, and for this, it is essential that it is genuinely independent in its organization, staff, and powers, free of politics and ideology, in line with the requirements of the EU Treaties.”

Only a genuinely independent body, established by national parliaments and separate from the persons they control, could effectively fight corruption,”

he stressed. In his speech, MEP Ernő Schaller-Baross accused EU institutions of “actively resisting any kind of rule of law control.” He stressed that a new, independent ethics body can only be supported if it is set up in full respect of the Treaties and also gives member states adequate powers.

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