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Fed-up Germans Emigrate to Hungary in Droves

Hungary Today 2023.10.02.
Lake Balaton is the most popular destination for German expats

Germans who have settled in Hungary are promoting their move on social networking site TikTok, Magyar Nemzet reports.

“Why are more and more Germans migrating to Hungary?”, begins a video shared on TikTok by a man who himself moved to Hungary from Germany.

@die_schmidts_ungarn Warum wandern eigentlich immer mehr leute nach Ungarn aus? #auswandern #gründe #ungarn #hungary #packdeinesachen #lebenslust #auswandernausdeutschland #aussteiger #auswanderer #warum ♬ LALA – Myke Towers

User Die_schmidts_ungarn gives the following reasons why it is good to live in Hungary:

  • People here have a more laid-back and relaxed lifestyle than in some other European countries
  • Hungary has an incredibly rich culture and history
  • Hungarians have unwavering national pride and there is very good cooperation between them
  • Broad support for conservative politics among the population; Hungary’s interests are held dear
  • Very low crime-rate
  • The cost of living is much lower than in Germany or Austria.
  • Integration is much easier than in other countries.

Data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH) also confirms that Hungary has become very popular among Germans:

The number of Germans settling here has increased dynamically by 34.9 percent in the last four years.

While in 2019, as many as 16,537 German nationals were living in Hungary, the number of German citizens now living in Hungary has reached 22,310 in 2023, as we reported earlier, citing a recent analysis by the German-Hungarian Institute for European Cooperation. In some regions in Transdanubia, including around Lake Balaton, a proper German-speaking infrastructure has developed, with German craftsmen and service providers already established.

The institute’s analysis also shows that the number of criminal offenses in Germany rose by 11.5 percent last year. The comparison with Hungary, where the number has fallen by 64.5 percent in the last ten years, is all the more striking:

In Germany, there were 6,762 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants last year, while in Hungary the figure is 1,732, only a quarter of the German figure.

“There is a free country where freedom of expression and the rule of law are guaranteed,” another German man shared his opinion on TikTok. User derhonklartext shares what he likes about Hungary in his video series “Come to Safe Hungary.” Among other things, he says that the Hungarian government protects its borders and families.

@derhonklartext Es gibt ein freies Land, in dem Meinungsfreiheit und Rechtsstaatlichkeit garantiert sind #Märchen #gerichtsurteil Es gibt ein freies Land, da ist der Vater ein Mann und die Mutter eine Frau. #hauskauf #hausmieten#grundstückkaufen #ungarnleben #lebeninungarn Es gibt ein freies Land, mit einer Familien- & Steuerfreundlichen Regierung Komm ins sichere Ungarn #ungarn #komminssichereungarn #derhonKlartext #derhon#ungarnistsicher #ungarn #ungarn_schwitzerland#ureinwohner #jonapot #jonapotkivánok #ungarnheute #magyartiktok #magyarorszag #victororban #hungary#hungarytiktok #ungarntiktok #ungarnaktuell #nemetorszag#nemetorszagimagyarok #ungarn_nemetorszag #budapest#orban #orbanviktor #peterszijjarto ♬ Klartext – Der HON

@derhonklartext Bürgerwehr an den EU Außengrenzen von Ungarn. #bürgerwehr #euaußengrenze ♬ Originalton – Der HON Klartext

“There is a free country, where the father is a man and the mother is a woman,” he explains in another video. The man describes Hungary as ideologically and physically safe, stressing that our country is struggling with gender ideology and illegal migration. “Thank you Orbán,” the German says, adding that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is the only one who protects the external borders of the European Union.

@magyarbasics Wir lernen Ungarisch #ungarisch #Sprache #lernen #fyp ♬ Originalton – Ungarn…..alles rund um

In addition to these users, there are others on TikTok who not only give German citizens useful tips for moving to Hungary, but also help them integrate, the newspaper reports. For example, the owner of a profile called magyarbasics gives tips on shopping, which is essential for making a life here, and also familiarizes foreigners with the forint and numbers.

Factors Behind German Pensioners Moving Here in Increasing Numbers
Factors Behind German Pensioners Moving Here in Increasing Numbers

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