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“EU Elites Afraid to Ask the People About Sanctions”

Mariann Őry 2022.10.12.

“Progressive ideology is the real threat to the future of the EU,” Balázs Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Political Director warns in a recent article in The Telegraph. He explains different approaches to migration, family policy, and even the EU sanctions against Russia.

“Many on the Left must feel annoyed,” after the center-right’s victory in the Italian elections, because “until now, they could say that only suspicious Central Eastern European people elected Right-wing governments, but with one of the EU’s founding members turning to the Right, their theory no longer stands,” wrote Balázs Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Political Director, in a recent article for The Telegraph.

According to Orbán, contrary to liberals and socialists, conservatives are not focused primarily on ideology, but “on the interests of their community.” He noted that the late Sir Roger Scruton wrote that “ideologies as dogmas are meaningless because they conceal the true nature of society: the community of people that politicians are supposed to serve.” “Conservatism is more an instinct than an idea,” he quoted the British philosopher.

In his article, Orbán highlights the different approaches to issues like migration, family policy, gender, and the war in Ukraine.

He states that the EU’s migration policy does not even attempt to serve the interests of the people. “It is obvious that it is not in Hungary’s interest to have an influx of millions and millions of illegal migrants into Europe,” he explains.

The issue of family policy is also partially connected to the previous subject: “instead of bringing in millions of new people, we see thriving traditional families as the fundamental building blocks of a well-functioning society.” According to Orbán, the government sees family policy as a key investment in the future, and since 2010, it has tripled family expenditure.

Regarding gender, Orbán notes that liberals always insist on bringing up the topic in completely unrelated international treaties and agreements. “In these difficult times, we should motivate our children not to question, but to strengthen their identity,” he adds.

Viktor Orbán Questions EU Sanctions in Berlin
Viktor Orbán Questions EU Sanctions in Berlin

"We do not want to change masters, we want independence" - the Prime Minister thinks the European interest is not to replace Russian energy dependence with US energy dependence.Continue reading

According to him, “there is no doubt that Russia violated international law by attacking Ukraine. In this war, Moscow is the aggressor, and the Ukrainian people are fighting heroically, but we cannot ignore the economic consequences of the war and of the failed response by Brussels.”

“A European recession is knocking on our door,”

he warns. Orbán thinks the European elite is afraid of asking what people think about the EU sanctions “because they already suspect the answer.”

According to the Prime Minister’s political director, “by now it has become clear that while every major power including the US, Russia, and even China can still win something, Europe is the only one who will definitely lose.”

The first fifty comments the article received in the comment section are generally positive. “Bang on, Dead right on every issue,” a reader added. “How refreshing to read a political writer who quotes the late Sir Roger Scruton in his argument. Scruton was our greatest public conservative intellectual, and our own Conservative government removed him from his post as Chair of the Build More Beautifully quango, so terrified were they of their ‘woke’ bullying critics. It is ironic that there are now Scruton coffee houses in Budapest where free debate and discussion are encouraged. But, as the good book warned us, a prophet is rarely listened to in his own country,” Colin Black commented.

Some readers strongly criticized the EU, while others accused the Hungarian government of siding with Russia and urging Ukraine to surrender by calling for an immediate ceasefire.

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