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Election 2022 – House Speaker: ‘Only Losers in This War’

MTI-Hungary Today 2022.03.03.

László Kövér in a newspaper interview published on Thursday commented on the war in Ukraine and the upcoming Hungarian general election, lamenting that “two brother nations” were clashing. While Ukrainians were likely to “lose the most”, the war would end up with losers all round, he said.

Kövér said Europe, and central Europe in particular, would also lose in the crisis, adding that the conflict would not end in the foreseeable future even if the war ends.

He said confidence-building between Europe and Russia would have to start again from a low point in history, with dramatic consequences for Europe’s security and economy in the meantime.

On the topic of the April 3 general election, he said “nothing good” could be expected from the Hungarian left wing in the election campaign, which, he insisted might also receive assistance from “foreign secret services” or “certain companies operating information networks”.

Kövér spoke of a “deep moral abyss”, and he laid most of the blame for this at the feet of Ferenc Gyurcsány, the former Socialist prime minister.

He said the united opposition’s prime ministerial candidate, Péter Márki-Zay, was Gyurcsány’s “Trojan horse”.

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"Let's be clear: with his speech, László Kövér is also inciting against millions of Hungarian citizens opposed to the Orbán regime," according to the opposition alliance's joint statement.Continue reading

The speaker praised the work in parliament and government of the Fidesz party over the last four years, saying there was no area or sector, from public security to health care, which had not been successful in some way.

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