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Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén submitted a bill on the new career path for teachers, signed by Interior Minister Sándor Pintér late Tuesday, Magyar Nemzet reports.

According to the interior minister, the proposal aims to improve the professional and financial status of teachers who teach children. This of course, will require EU funds which will gradually raise teachers’ salaries to 80% of the average academic salary.

Accordingly, the bill provides for unprecedented and substantial salary increases. If the bill is passed by parliament, teachers in the top categories of the teaching profession could earn up to one and a half million forints (4,000 euros) per month, with employers having discretion over whether to pay them according to professional criteria.

The bill now presented states:

“The amount of the monthly remuneration shall be

For trainees: the amount established by government regulation,
For teacher I: from HUF 410,000 to HUF 1,065 000 (EUR 1,100-2,800),
for a teacher II: from HUF 430,000 to HUF 1,135,000 (EUR 1,200-3,000),
for a main teacher: from HUF 520,000 to HUF 1,365,000 (EUR 1,400-3,100),
research teacher: from HUF 640,000 to HUF 1,470,000 (EUR 1,700-4,000).

The employer’s discretion may be exercised on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Professional experience
2. The level of education and professional qualification required for the position
3. The existence of an additional qualification or foreign language skills, besides the professional qualification, specified in the appointment and relevant to the duties of the position
4. Voluntarily assumed additional duties beyond those associated with the position, including instances where the contract staff member serves as a contract staff member in more than one educational institution or at more than one duty station
5. The existence of recognition of his professional activity by the conservation authority or the minister responsible for public education
6. The amount of resources available to the employer as a result of good governance.”

Students protest in May. photo: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

Unions have criticized the government for originally proposing a 12-hour limit on daily work hours. This was removed in the proposal, so the total daily working time is now eight hours. Vacation time has also been increased. Individuals employed in public education may also receive severance pay. After 20 years of service, this severance pay can be equal to eight months’ salary, but after three years, it can be only one month’s salary.

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Government Aims to Raise Teachers' Pay by 75 Percent in Next Two Years

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via Magyar Nemzet, Featured photo via Pexels

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