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Donald Trump Praises Viktor Orbán’s Speech

Mariann Őry 2022.09.23.

Viktor Orbán’s policies are getting more and more attention in the United States. Donald Trump has sent a message of greetings to the Hungarian Prime Minister, who is also being discussed in the American press.

Donald Trump sent a message to Viktor Orbán. The former US President wrote in handwriting, in English, on a Wall Street Journal article on the Hungarian Prime Minister’s speech in Dallas last month:

“Viktor, so great! Best wishes, Donald.”

The picture was published by Viktor Orbán on his social media page.

Viktor Orbán urged conservatives to unite their forces to fight globalists in his keynote speech on August 4 at the CPAC Texas, the main event of US conservatives. Orbán criticized the Biden administration for putting Hungary and Europe under ideological pressure. “The Democrats hate me, they slander me and my country, just as they hate you, and they slander the America you represent,” he said. Hungary’s Prime Minister received a standing ovation several times during his speech, for example when he said:

“The globalists can all go to hell, I have come to Texas.”

Viktor Orbán Calls for Unity at CPAC Texas
Viktor Orbán Calls for Unity at CPAC Texas

A standing ovation was given for Hungary’s Prime Minister at the main event of US conservatives.Continue reading

“If the United States were a serious power, it would pay heed to the warnings issuing from Hungary about the economic calamity facing Europe. Instead, Team Biden has dispatched a same-sex-married liberal activist as its envoy to Budapest in an apparent attempt to tweak the Hungarians’ conservative sensibilities,” Sohrab Ahmari writes in his article in Compact magazine.

“The United States is driving its trans-Atlantic allies to ruin by globalizing a local, intra-Slavic conflict in Ukraine,” he warns, citing the main conclusion of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party’s annual “picnic” this month in the village of Kötcse, where Orbán held a lecture.

“Sanctions work when deployed by stronger actors against the weak,” the Prime Minister told Ahmari, adding that “Europe isn’t the stronger actor when it comes to energy. And so the sanctions aren’t working.”

The journalist stresses that Orbán’s “attitude isn’t born of any deep love for Moscow—impossible, given half a century of Soviet occupation and the premier’s belief that Russian civilization is fundamentally different from Europe’s. Rather, it comes from the realism and cold rationality that Hungary’s historical and geographic circumstances have imposed on her.”

“Orbán is serenely indifferent to what is said about him in the councils of Europe or the pages of American newspapers,”

he adds. In Hungary “I would be dead politically if I showed any ambition for international popularity. Luckily, I don’t work for The New York Times. The people out there vote for me, not the Times editorial board,” Orbán told Ahmari.

Featured photo via Miniszterelnök.hu/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Benko Vivien Cher

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