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Donald Trump Jr. to Attend Business Conference in Budapest

Hungary Today 2024.06.07.
Donald Trump Jr. (R) with his father, President Donald J. Trump.

At the invitation of Elek Nagy, President of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK), Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the 45th President of the United States, will arrive in Hungary for a business conference on June 13, according to the organization’s website.

Donald Trump Jr. is a successful businessman, New York Times best-selling author, political public figure, and television personality. He serves as the Executive Vice President of Operations of The Trump Organization, which manages the Trump estate.

A former confidant of President Trump described Donald Trump Jr. as “the voice of undiluted Trumpism” due to his fearlessly outspoken and politically incorrect positions.

During his visit to Hungary, Donald Trump Jr. will participate in a business conference titled “Economic Outlook, Investment Opportunities in the United States, Capital Markets, and Real Estate Investment in Central and Eastern Europe: Cooperation Opportunities with US Investors in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.”

The program for Donald Trump Jr. includes private business events.

Mr. Nagy, President of BKIK, stated, “In recent years, we have encouraged domestic companies to expand their business overseas through several programs organized by the Budapest Chamber with international participants. I am confident that the upcoming visit of Donald Trump Jr. will be beneficial and inspiring for Hungarian business participants attending the exclusive meetings, mainly focused on capital and real estate investment.”

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Via bkik.hu; Featured Image: Facebook / Donald Trump Jr.

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