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Dominik Szoboszlai: “I work for the team, I do everything”

Hungary Today 2023.08.10.

Dominik Szoboszlai joined Liverpool in the summer, where he was welcomed with great enthusiasm and the Premier League side has since been promoting the Hungarian footballer in numerous social media posts. In a recent interview with Liverpoolfc.com, the captain of the Hungarian national team said that he is committed to developing his skills for the team and that he already feels at home among his fellow players.

“When I played against Liverpool with Salzburg and Leipzig you could see they have a lot of quality,” the midfielder said during a chat on the recent tour of Singapore. “When I knew I was going to join, I sat down for like five minutes and thought, ‘Well, I have to do even more now because they have really, really good quality, they have really, really good players.’ After the first session, I just felt it like: ‘OK, let’s get ready.’”

I want to give my best, I want to do everything for the club, for the guys, for myself. And I want to win trophies and as much as I can, not only one,”

he emphasized.

The Anfield stadium in Liverpool. Photo: Facebook/Liverpool FC

The Hungarian footballer is a long-time admirer of Jürgen Klopp, the team manager, and they can converse alternately in German and English, though with a preference for the former when it comes to specific instructions.

The 22-year-old also quickly discovered an open group ready to welcome and help him. Furthermore, Hungarian football fans are also very glad about his signing to Liverpool. “The people were really nice, they were happy for me,” he said of the reaction to his switch at home. “I received a lot of messages from the national team as well, the coach. The people who are important for me – who are close to me and they know me – I had a chat with them and they were really nice.

And of course the people in Hungary, it is not an everyday story what I am doing right now so hopefully I could make them happy – and even more so later.”

Dominik Szoboszlai will probably make fans proud of him. This is already predicted by his corner kick shown in the video hereunder, from which Luis Diaz managed to earn a huge goal for Liverpool in their match against Darmstadt.

Szoboszlai heads into his debut season on Merseyside under the guidance of a new senior leadership group inside the dressing room, with Virgil van Dijk appointed captain and Trent Alexander-Arnold vice-captain. He emphasized that he is ready to support the side in terms of on-pitch responsibility wherever needed, too.

I work for the team, I do everything and if I have to talk, I talk. With talks you can help the guys, and for me it is most important to help others. I can take decisions that are not easy, but for me the team is in front of everything.”

He does not set personal objectives ahead of a campaign, however, sees individual progress as a by-product of collective achievement. “I just do my things,” Szoboszlai finished. “If the goals are coming they are coming, if the assists are coming they are coming. This is my target: the team should be successful. If the team is successful you’re going to be successful as a person, as a player,” he concluded.

Dominik Szoboszlai Signs to Liverpool FC
Dominik Szoboszlai Signs to Liverpool FC

The Hungarian midfielder was taken on by the Premier League team for 70 million euros.Continue reading

Featured photo via Twitter/Liverpool FC

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