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DK Sues Public Media for ‘Presenting Elk*rtuk Feature Film’s Conspiracy Theory as Fact’

Ábrahám Vass 2021.10.28.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) decided to sue the public media after one of the radio hosts was talking about the recently-released, controversial Gyurcsány movie Elk*rtuk‘s conspiracy theory as fact.

On Tuesday, one of the state radio programs, known for its strong pro-Fidesz stance, sought to find out why there had been so few supporters of the opposition coalition out on the streets on October 23rd. The host was talking about opposition PM candidate, Péter Márki-Zay, the Peace March, the police terror 15 years ago, and how communist leader Antal Apró had labeled 1956 revolutionaries “fascist mobs” some 65 years ago. He then said that “the same principle” (that anti-Gyurcsány demonstrators of 2006 could have been fascists) was applied by Klára Dobrev (Gyurcsány’s wife, and aforementioned Apró’s granddaughter) herself when she decided in 2006 about police beating up and shooting at innocent people in the streets.


The movie about the 2006 events including then PM Gyurcsány’s “lie-speech” and police brutality, Elk*rtuk (a.k.a. The cost of deception) debuted over the weekend. Fidesz politicians and the media under Fidesz’s influence are all praising it. The timing (some half a year to go until the elections), the topic, the antiheroes (Dobrev is evil person no.1 but Gergely Karácsony, the other favorite of the opposition primaries, is also in the movie), and several other aspects make many conclude that political aspects have also played a part in its creation and date of publication.

Propaganda or Reality? - Gyurcsány Movie ELK*RTUK Causes Controversy
Propaganda or Reality? - Gyurcsány Movie ELK*RTUK Causes Controversy

Several people involved in the 2006 events argue that ultimately "Fidesz filmed its own worldview."Continue reading

According to DK’s comment, state radio’s “propagandists” apparently completely bought the “conspiracy theory” that “Fidesz propaganda movie Elk*rtuk” deals with, adding that although “it is characteristic of dictatorships based on alternative realities that we never know what the past would bring, the fact that state media, funded by public money, is inventing new lies about 2006 15 years later instead of in previous years goes beyond all.”

Finally and sarcastically, DK’s statement “wishing to help Fidesz propagandists to understand what they see on the screen and on TV don’t necessarily cover reality,” wrote:

– An asteroid that Bruce Willis saved humanity from didn’t threaten Earth’s existence
– There is no secret magic school in England;
– There is no Death Star (not even for George Soros)
– Esmeralda is not actually blind and doesn’t need eye surgery.

featured image: Dobrev and Gyurcsány in 2018; via Tibor Illyés/MTI