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The purpose and meaning of Hungarian politics is to ensure the survival of the Hungarian nation and the improvement of its quality of life, said the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary in his speech at the All-Hungarian University Camp of the Rákóczi Association in Sátoraljaújhely, in northern Hungary along the Slovak border, on Monday.

László Kövér said that, looking back on the centuries-old traditions of Hungarian history, it is not difficult to see that the goal has always been to ensure the survival of the nation. Especially in an unfolding world, to which even wars are no stranger, the politician stressed.

He noted that

all nations, including those that make up the majority of the successor states in the Carpathian Basin, are in danger of being “liquidated”, both culturally and physically.

He pointed out that we should not necessarily feel that we are the only ones in constant danger, citing Ukraine as an example.

Czech PM: "No One Wants to End Visegrad Cooperation"
Czech PM:

Cooperation will continue in many areas of the V4, but a meeting of heads of government is not planned until political situation is resolved.Continue reading

In response to a question from the moderator, László Kövér said that the most important virtue of the Visegrád Four and the guarantee of its long-term survival is that they discuss issues where there is a common interest and the possibility of agreement. He recalled that the most useful aspect of this cooperation is that

it helps Central Europe’s economy to be competitive, giving the four key Central European countries – Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary – the political weight they need in the European Union to act as a reconciliation of interests.

With regard to national communities, the Speaker of the National Assembly emphasized that there are political borders that have been drawn by history. The importance of these borders should be reduced not only in the sense of permeability, but also to the level when “those involved in cultural contacts do not realize that they are in another country”, he added.

He stressed that

the first step should be to forget the word “minority”, since, it was not by chance that we reverted to the use of the word “nationality”, breaking with international terminology.

He added that the government is keeping track of attempts against Hungarian national communities, and will speak out and take action against them if possible.

Amendments to the Ukrainian Law on Minorities Law Allow for Abuse
Amendments to the Ukrainian Law on Minorities Law Allow for Abuse

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László Kövér highlighted that since 1990 the number of Hungarians in Vojvodina had been less than halved. He emphasized that

in order for the motherland to survive, the seceded ethnic groups must also survive, and in order for Hungarians abroad not to disappear from their homeland, young people must be able to make a living locally.

Other presentations at the All-Hungarian University Camp covered topics such as Hungarian-Serbian relations, the situation of Hungarians in Vojvodina, the European gas market and the impact of the war in Ukraine, the situation of Hungarians living abroad, the sense of belonging together and global problems such as illegal migration.


The Rákóczi Association was founded in 1989, and seeks to use its potential to serve the Hungarian people of the Carpathian Basin and the world to promote Hungarian culture, language, and communities. Many of the organization’s activities are focused on youths. According to the Association, more than 300 young Hungarians from 18 countries came to the All-Hungarian University Camp on Sunday. The event, running until Thursday, offers lectures, excursions, sports and cultural activities.

Rákóczi Association Summer Camps Await Youth
Rákóczi Association Summer Camps Await Youth

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