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Details of Reintroduced Indoor Mask-Wearing

Hungary Today 2021.11.19.

The latest regulation by the government makes face masks mandatory from Friday midnight in enclosed spaces. Experts have already asked for this rule to be reintroduced. Two weeks ago, masks were made compulsory on public transport yet again.


The Orbán government did not reintroduce coronavirus measures for a long time this year even though healthcare experts had repeatedly asked to do so to slow down the spread of the pandemic’s fourth wave. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said several times that vaccination is the only solution and mesasures like mask-wearing have little to no effect. Most recently, the Hungarian Medical Chamber said they “know that in the long term, vaccination is the most important thing. But we also know that the protection of vaccination comes weeks later, and the epidemic is raging now.”

Under a recent government decree, masks must be worn in the following enclosed spaces from midnight on Friday:

  • in shops,
  • shopping centers (except offices, business premises, and premises used for sports),
  • at performing arts events (theater, dance, music), whether public or not, except for performers,
  • at music and dance events in enclosed spaces, cultural events, village fairs, for employees,
  • in cinemas, museums, libraries, archives, public cultural institutions, public administration offices, post offices where guests or customers are received,
  • wearing masks is compulsory for all employees in indoor cultural and other events, gyms, swimming pools, spas, and catering establishments.

Children under six, people with psychosocial disabilities, and people with autism spectrum disorder do not need to wear masks.

The rules on wearing masks in nurseries and schools can be set by the headmaster, and they are not enforced in religious ceremonies either.

The reintroduction of mask-wearing was announced by Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás on Thursday.

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