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Magyar Nemzet reports that the New York Young Republican Club (NYYRC) published a brief but more to the point post on Twitter, with the main US Republican organization saying that Hungary is focused on protecting its citizens, including Transcarpathian Hungarians.

The US organization added that Biden, Nuland, Pressman, Power and their teams want to gather information on the Hungarian people to pass on to the Kiev regime. They wrote on their social media page that the Biden regime wants to punish Hungarians for overwhelmingly supporting Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and that the Hungarian leadership is strongly in favor of peace in Ukraine.

They noted that the Biden administration has no regard either for the economic turmoil caused by the visa sanctions or for Hungary’s unique circumstances.

Zoltán Kovács, Hungary’s state secretary for government communication, said Hungary would not release the data of Hungarians with dual citizenship because it would endanger their security. The Biden administration is therefore taking revenge on Hungarians with the newly introduced visa waiver restriction, he explained.

Commenting on this, NYYRC wrote on Twitter that Hungarians, especially those living outside Hungary’s current borders, do not pose a threat to Americans. The American Republican Organization has called the US ambassador in Budapest a hypocritical liar, who is portraying this political aggression as a security necessity. The NYYRC points out that this is not a security measure, but collective punishment.

The U.S. Regards Members of the Hungarian Minority a "Security Concern"
The U.S. Regards Members of the Hungarian Minority a

The U.S. Embassy statement attributes the decision to Hungarian citizenship granted to nearly one million people under a simplified naturalization procedure.Continue reading

The Biden administration has embarked on an unacceptable witch hunt, the Center for Fundamental Rights said in an analysis published on its website on Tuesday.

While the Biden administration refuses to stop illegal immigration and the rise of drug cartels at the southern border of the United States, it is calling for a restriction on the visa waiver for Hungarian citizens.

The left-wing administration has launched a vendetta against Hungary because the Hungarian government has refused to release the data of dual nationals, they wrote.

“Their argument is false because Hungarians do not pose any security problem to the US or any other country. The far-left Biden administration is punishing citizens of a country committed to NATO alliance only because

our country has stood for an end to bloodshed, an immediate ceasefire, and peace since the beginning of the war, while illegal immigrants arrive unchecked in the land of the free,”

the center said in a statement.

The argument of “pro-LGBTQAP” David Pressman, US Ambassador to Hungary, who has been on a constant campaign against our country, is without foundation when he claims that “hundreds of thousands of passports have been issued by the Hungarian government as part of the simplified naturalization program without strict controls”.

Hungary is a millennial state in the Carpathian Basin, not a failed state with no law enforcement, no services, and no internal records. Hungary knows exactly for whom it has provided the possibility of facilitated acquisition of citizenship: for those who were separated from their original homeland by the Peace Dictate of Trianon.

The War Does Not Warrant Ukraine to Restrict Rights, Says PM's Chief Adviser
The War Does Not Warrant Ukraine to Restrict Rights, Says PM's Chief Adviser

If Ukraine is to move closer to the EU, it is important for it to meet the requirements that the EU imposes on all other candidate countries.Continue reading

It is particularly worrying that the United States of America has demanded the data of Hungarians abroad with dual citizenship, a request that the Hungarian government has not complied with in the interests of the security of our fellow citizens.

“For example, it should be borne in mind that Hungarians from Transcarpathia living in Ukraine, if they have dual citizenship, are violating the Ukrainian Constitution and the citizenship law, which stipulate that there is only one citizenship in the country” – the organization concludes.

A similar ban has already been lifted by Slovakia, following the advice of the Venice Commission.

FM Szijjártó in Slovakia: 'Dual Citizenship Should Not Be Feared'
FM Szijjártó in Slovakia: 'Dual Citizenship Should Not Be Feared'

Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister, expressed hope that the issue of dual citizenship would sometime in future be resolved in Slovakia, after talks in Révkomárom (Komarno) on Wednesday. Szijjártó held talks with Béla Keszegh, the local mayor and board member of the Party of the Hungarian Community in Slovakia, and György Gyimesi, member of the […]Continue reading

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