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“Democracy is thriving and prospering”: Viktor Orbán Reflects on Election Victory

Hungary Today 2024.06.11.

In a TV interview with public media channel M1, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed the results of the recent European Parliament elections and local elections, emphasizing the historic significance of their outcome and the future challenges the government faces, reports Magyar Nemzet.

Viktor Orbán began by highlighting the 44.6 percent vote share the governing parties received, which he claimed is a European record. He also noted the high voter turnout of 57 percent, stating that “democracy is thriving and prospering.” He expressed gratitude to the voters for their support.

The Prime Minister emphasized the unprecedented level of support they received, not just in percentage terms but also in absolute numbers. He attributed the high turnout to the critical issues at stake, particularly the choice between war and peace. He acknowledged the complexity of these elections, which were both European and local, and highlighted the significance of defeating both old and new opposition forces.

Mr. Orbán mentioned that while they retained confidence and increased support, the results were mixed in local elections, with wins and losses in various cities. He underlined his belief in hard work, stating,

I have always believed in work, the campaign is only the end result.”

Regarding European alliances, the PM stressed the importance of monitoring European parties to prevent them from accelerating towards war. He mentioned a significant pro-peace movement victory in France as a positive development, adding: “we won the first half, 1-0 here, we are waiting for Donald Trump to bring the second half.” He underscored the importance of keeping Hungary out of war while managing daily governance tasks.

Looking ahead, Mr. Orbán emphasized the need to win future elections in 2026 and beyond, indicating ongoing work in areas such as economic recovery and controlling inflation.

He also commented on the potential realignment of power within the European Parliament, noting that if the Conservatives (ECR) and the Identity Group align and Hungary joins them, they could become the second force in the European Parliament.

Reflecting on the local election results, Orbán acknowledged that they did better than expected but not as well as he had hoped, with gains and losses in county-level cities and a mixed outcome in Budapest districts. He remarked,

with such an agonizing year of war behind us, beating 14% to second is a good result, and I would sign up to that in 2026.”

The PM, who is also the head of the governing Fidesz party, touched on the withdrawal of Alexandra Szentkirályi, stating that she had been misled about her candidacy, indicating that the race remains open.

Orbán concluded by highlighting the value of time, work, and humility in politics, stressing that Hungary appreciates stable and predictable public security and work. He contrasted his focus on governance with Western political practices, noting:

for me, political work accounted for 20 percent of my time and government work for 80 percent, whereas in the West it was the other way around.”

Ending on a confident note, the Prime Minister said, “let’s work, let’s stand up, and when the time comes, we will win, as we have always won in the last elections. There is no party in Hungary that would not be happy to change places with us.”

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EP Elections: Confident Win for FIDESZ. However...

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Via Magyar Nemzet; Featured Image: MTI  /Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda / Fischer Zoltán

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