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Defense Forces Enter the Digital World with Well-Trained Soldiers

Hungary Today 2023.12.27.

The Hungarian Defense Forces have entered the digital world with well-prepared soldiers, said General Gábor Böröndi, Chief of the Defense Staff, on M1 news channel on Tuesday, December 26.

In his annual assessment speech on M1’s “HadERŐ – I serve my country” magazine program, General Gábor Böröndi highlighted that when the modernization of the Hungarian Defense Forces began, they were looking for a type of tank that could stand up to any conditions, and that is how they came up with the Leopard.

Referring to the Russian-Ukrainian war, General Böröndi stressed that the tanks involved in those fights are not considered safe at all, while the Leopard tanks “always come out alive.”

The Leopard tank. Photo via honvedelem.hu

It is not really a tank, but a computer surrounded by steel, with firepower unprecedented in Europe,”

he noted, adding that soldiers serving in this digitalized tank receive all the information they need for survivability.


The improved L55A1 tank gun of the Leopard ensures effective engagement of enemy targets at ranges of up to 5,000 meters. The tank is also capable of crossing 1.2 meters of water without preparation. According to various industry reports, the Leopard 2A7HU tanks are built with reinforced bottoms, front and roof armor, and are resistant to improvised explosive devices and anti-tank mines. The vehicle is equipped with protection against incendiary liquids – Molotov cocktails, napalm – and an improved automatic fire extinguishing system.

Photo via honvedelem.hu

Today, the Hungarian Defense Forces have the most modern battle tanks,”

the General Böröndi emphasized. By giving this technology to the soldiers, our army has entered the digital world with well-trained “digital soldiers,” he added.

Böröndi also mentioned that Hungarian soldiers today can experience during all their missions abroad that they are as good as any other foreign soldiers, and this gives them support and self-confidence. The Chief of the Defense Staff praised those serving away from home, who can really experience the camaraderie during the holidays.

Leopard Tanks Mark a New Era in the History of Armed Forces Development
Leopard Tanks Mark a New Era in the History of Armed Forces Development

To renew the Hungarian armed forces, 44 Leopard A7s will be delivered to Hungary by 2028.Continue reading

Via honvedelem,hu; Featured image via honvedelem.hu

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