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Two Bodies Found in Gattyán-Party’s Signature-Collecting Tent in Budapest

Hungary Today 2022.02.17.

The bodies of two young men were found early Wednesday morning in Budapest in the signature collecting tent of Solution Movement (Megoldás Mozgalom), the party of businessman György Gattyán. Although ambulance workers tried to revive them, they did not succeed. It was later revealed that carbon monoxide poisoning may have caused their deaths. The party promised to contact the grieving families and assured them of its support.

This article was originally published on our sister-site, Ungarn Heute.

Two people died in a signature-collecting tent in central Budapest’s Deák Square. It is believed that the deaths of the two young security guards were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning that could have seeped from the gas heater in the tent. Their bodies were found shortly before eight o’clock on Wednesday morning.

It has since been confirmed that the tragedy occurred in the a signature collecting tent of György Gattyán’s “Megoldás Mozgalom” (“Solution Movement”) and, according to 24.hu, the victims are two 21- and 26-year-old men.

The Budapest police conducted an inspection at the scene and more experts were summoned in order to investigate the circumstances. “In order to clarify all the circumstances of the tragedy, the Budapest police headquarters has opened an investigation against an unknown perpetrator on suspicion of reckless endangerment concerning professional conduct,” a press statement says.

“Megoldás Mozgalom” (“Solution Movement”) shocked over fatalities

“It is with great sadness and sympathy for the grieving families that we confirm the news of the  regrettable tragedy that occurred on Tuesday evening in the campaigning tent of Megoldás Mozgalom in Deák Square in Budapest,” MeMo wrote in response to Index.

The party also reported that the two employees belonged to an “external” security company, were tasked with guarding the tent at night and died presumably of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Unfortunately, no further details are known, but the police have launched an investigation into the cause of tragedy! The Solution Movement supports the investigation in every possible way and is cooperating with the police. MEMO will make every effort to contact the grieving families as soon as possible, and we assure them of our support. We will suspend the collection of signatures in Deák Square for an indefinite period. We express our sincere condolences to the families,” says MEMO.

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