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Dallas’ Patrick Duffy Visits the House of Terror in Budapest

Hungary Today 2023.09.21.
Patrick Duffy and his partner actress Linda Purl by the Danube in the capital

In September, Patrick Duffy and his Hungarian comedy Lepattanó (Bouncing), directed by Csaba Vékes, started filming in Vác, near Budapest. According to a recent post, the former Dallas star had time to discover the Hungarian capital, where he visited the House of Terror Museum, reports Világgazdaság.

A very important and moving experience that the world should learn from,”

wrote the actor in the museum’s commemorative book.


The House of Terror Museum is an institution in Budapest dedicated to the victims of the 20th century dictatorships. It contains exhibitions on the fascist and communist regimes in Hungary and remembers its victims, including those detained, interrogated, tortured, or killed.

In the new Hungarian comedy featuring Patrick Duffy, for the main character played by Péter Scherer, button football is not a game but a serious sport. He and his team are preparing for the European Championship. They would have a good chance of qualifying, but are disqualified for financial reasons at the last minute. All their lives are in crisis, however, then they get the money of a businessman played by Patrick Duffy, and although they know the money is not theirs, they spend it on button football.

“Basically, when the phone rings and I am called for assignments, I usually get a call to shoot in New York or Canada. When I got this phone call from my representatives asking if I would come to Hungary, I jumped up. I was interested, but I said I would like to see the script first,” Duffy told Hungarian tabloid, Blikk. He also noted that he had never experienced how much viewers loved Dallas in Hungary, only now was he confronted with what the series meant in a post-socialist country.

What Dallas has shown, the possibilities, the dreams, opening people’s eyes to a country, has given the series a much higher value in these countries, a whole different kind of power.”

“However, I was not aware of that until I came here,” he emphasized. He added that people from the region tried to tell him about the experience of watching Dallas for people here. He also said that a Romanian director had made a film called Hotel Dallas, which was about the popularity of the show, but the actor said that coming to Hungary and experiencing it in person was indescribable and he was very grateful for that, especially that it was still going on.


In Hungary, the series was broadcast by Hungarian Television between December 28, 1990, and October 24, 1997, and later by RTL Klub and repeated by M1 TV channels. From September 1, 2008, the commercial Story TV channel repeated the entire soap opera. The series started to be broadcast in Hungary just when it was almost finished in America, due to the regime change. In the decade since the series began, however, there have been no significant changes in the way of life that have made the series obsolete or incomprehensible, and it has gained a great deal of popularity in Hungary.

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Via Világgazdaság, Featured image via Facebook/Linda Purl

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