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Creation of an EU Ethics Body Ironic in Light of Corruption Cases

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.07.13.

The European institutions are trying to cover up corruption cases in the usual way when they support the creation of an ethics body, Fidesz MEP László Trócsányi said in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

László Trócsányi, former member of the Constitutional Court of Hungary, diplomat, and current MEP said the European Parliament voted on Wednesday on the creation of an independent ethics body in response to corruption scandals in the EU institutions.

The creation of the body will not provide answers to the fundamental problems, he stressed.

The corruption cases in Brussels are criminal law issues, not ethical ones. In such cases, criminal authorities should act and “it is not ethical standards that should be discussed.”

He pointed out that cases that hit EU institutions can have repercussions for Member States. It should be up to the Member States to decide on such cases, not for the Brussels bureaucracy to self-regulate in order to cover them up, he added.

The EU response to systemic corruption is inadequate. Finding a real solution without consulting Member States is not possible, and such decisions cannot be made without Member States,”

he continued.

László Trócsányi in Strasbourg, France. Photo: Facebook/Trócsányi László

On the issue of Eva Kaili (a Socialist MEP who was brought to trial in December over a corruption scandal in the European Parliament), being able to vote on Wednesday on the setting up of an ethics panel, he said “there is no need to even comment.”

Furthermore, as Magyar Nemzet reported, together with Marc Tarabella, a Socialist MEP who has also been accused of corruption but has returned earlier to the EP, they both pressed the “yes” button on a resolution condemning Poland.

Trócsányi summed it up as follows:

It was shocking that two MEPs who are facing criminal proceedings, Eva Kaili and Marc Tarabella, also took part in the vote. We find it unacceptable that people who are under very serious criminal proceedings are voting on Poland. Instead of having their parliamentary privileges suspended by the European Parliament, they are casting votes and taking part in decisions that condemn another country.”

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