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CPAC – Janez Jansa: Cultural Marxism a Force Destroying Representative Democracy

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.05.05.

At the end of the Cold War, Marxism was transformed into cultural Marxism, which in terms of values means “the culture of death”, the president of the Democratic Party of Slovenia and former Slovenian prime minister said on Friday at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Hungary conference in Budapest.

Speaking at the event, organized by the Centre for Fundamental Rights, Janez Jansa said that the most important role of groups representing cultural Marxism, which call themselves the voice of the people but are not elected by anyone, is to destroy the culture of life, to destroy everything that creates real community. He added that these organizations deliberately weaken or even destroy representative democracy.
With the frighteningly successful march of cultural Marxism, the individual is given the appearance of freedom instead of an increasingly free, calm and orderly environment. Here, freedom is what the unelected claim to be freedom,” the politician explained, stressing that anyone who refuses to submit to it and opposes it is publicly persecuted, discredited and branded a fascist.

Its full house at CPAC Hungary. MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

Janez Jansa said that in the case of cultural Marxism, the working class – as the bearer of progress according to Marxist ideology – was replaced by social categories that were rightly or manipulatively labelled as minorities, disadvantaged or oppressed. The classical Marxist goal of socialism is disguised by the more neutral-sounding humanitarian, social principles. Groups wearing the swastika or the red star on their caps have been replaced by ‘antifa’ groups, woke movements and other left-wing NGOs, which claim to represent all oppressed and minority groups in society,” the politician said.
The party president said these “unelected” groups have invented gender theory, special LGBT rights, justification of euthanasia and are daily discovering new social and racial injustices and their victims. All the while, they receive incredibly rich subsidies from public budgets, from foreign sources, without campaign rules applying to these groups, which often act as a political army.

Western civilization is not being undermined by another, more advanced culture, we are not witnessing a clash of civilizations, but a ‘barbaric attack by the culture of death,

Janez Jansa stressed.

Classical conservative philosophers warned of the dangers of cultural Marxism from the very beginning. Unfortunately, this was not followed by effective and sufficiently rapid organization at national and international level. Within the Western civilizational circle, only Hungary is openly and fully resisting these dangers. And as an international political organization, CPAC has recognized that the values and fundamental rights of Western civilization must be defended where they are under attack,” he said.
The language that describes reality, full freedom of expression, family autonomy, national sovereignty and schools where there is no place for the culture of death must be reclaimed. Enough space must be made available in universities, publishing houses, the media and social networks. Democracy must be reclaimed, which will be the rule of the electorate and the elected,” the politician stressed.

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