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Couples in Hungary with Three Children Can Get Up to HUF 110 Million in Support

Júlia Tar 2021.09.30.

The family support scheme for the next period is more generous than ever to families with children and those about to start a family, in addition to existing family allowances and soft loans.

According to Portfolio’s calculations, those planning to have three children can receive up to HUF 42 million (EUR 116,713) in non-refundable grants and HUF 73 million in subsidized loans over the years for the purchase of a net HUF 100 million home, partly of course with a specific income and creditworthiness. According to Portfolio, the amounts are as follows: HUF 42+73 million (EUR 116,713 + 202,859) for those with three children, HUF 20+80 million (EUR 55,575+222,266) for those with two children, and HUF 13+83 million (EUR 36,120 + 230,611) for families with one child.

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One of the new programs, called the “Green Home Program” (Zöld Otthon Program), will be available from October 4th. This is not in relation to having children. One can take out a loan up to HUF 70 million (EUR 194,428) for energy-efficient new-build properties over 25 years at an interest rate of 2.5 percent.

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Within the new program’s framework, an interest-free green CSOK loan is available, which, similar to the already known CSOK loan, can be taken out for up to HUF 10 million for two-children families, and HUF 15 million for three-children families. However, CSOK and green CSOK cannot be taken out at the same time.


CSOK (Családi Otthonteremtési Kedvezmény or Family Homebuilding Allowance in English) is the abbreviation of a family support package of the Orbán administration. It is non-repayable aid that is available for the purchase or construction of a new home and for the purchase or extension of a second-hand home.

The Green Home Program will be available partly (up to HUF 15 million) at 0% interest and partly (for the additional HUF 55 million/EUR 152,712) at 2.5% interest (the former for CSOK beneficiaries). This means, according to Portfolio, 50+247, with an expected repayment of HUF 297,000 (EUR 824.84). Those with a net household income of over half a million forints (EUR 1,389) will be able to access the full amount of money. However, with the other types of credit already available, you may need a higher income than the net half a million.

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Details on the new and old loans and their potential use can be read here.

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