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Hungary has so far received some 66 percent of the 24 million doses of vaccines allocated for the country from European Union procurements, the government website koronavirus.hu said on Tuesday.

The largest volume of vaccines (9.5 million doses) have been supplied by Pfizer, it added.

Hungary has a sufficient supply of vaccine for all citizens, including people who want booster shots, the website said. All types of vaccine, including Pfizer, Sinopharm, Sputnik, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen can be booked online and received at hospital vaccination points, the website said. GPs also administer jabs according to demand, it added.

Sinopharm, Hungary Sign MoC on Preparing Vaccine Production
Sinopharm, Hungary Sign MoC on Preparing Vaccine Production

State secretary Tamás Menczer signed the document with Jiang Xiuchang and Peng Xiao, CEO of Sinopharm's partner in the United Arab Emirates.Continue reading

The figures published on the website show that of 10,874,511 doses of Pfizer allocated for Hungary, 9,459,825 doses have been received. Of 1,723,610 doses of Moderna allocated, 1,671,600 doses have been received, of 6,513,460 doses of AstraZeneca 3,801,800 doses have been received, of 4,309,022 doses of Janssen 800,400 doses have been received and of half a million doses of CureVac, none have been received yet.

Of eastern vaccines, two millions doses of Sputnik V and five million doses of Sinopharm have been ordered and received, the website said.

Hungary is building a vaccine production facility in Debrecen where a Hungarian vaccine currently under development will be produced.

Featured photo illustration by Attila Balázs/MTI