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Controversial MEP Ilaria Salis Faces Debt Scandal with Milan Housing Company

Hungary Today 2024.06.25.

Alleged ANTIFA activist and freshly elected MEP, Ilaria Salis, recently released after nearly a year and a half in detention in Hungary, is facing a scandal involving a significant debt. Lombardy regional authorities are seeking to recover EUR 90K from Ms. Salis, owing this amount to the Milan-based social housing company (Aler), for unpaid rent, reports Index.

Attilio Fontana (politician of La Lega), head of Lombardy region, emphasized that Aler must recover the debt. A motion was presented at the council president’s meeting to enforce this action, stressing that Salis’s new role as an MEP, with a EUR 10K monthly salary, should enable her to pay the debt.

Ilaria Salis denied the charges, stating she never received a payment request and refuses to pay for the 2008 incident.

In response to the smear campaign, she posted on Instagram, arguing that occupying a vacant house without displacing anyone is part of the housing movement’s struggle. She claimed her actions were legitimate, based on the principle that everyone deserves a roof over their heads. Ms. Salis highlighted that Milan has 12,000 vacant properties, some owned by the municipality and others by Aler.

A social housing building in Milan. Photo: Wikimedia

An elderly woman commented, noting that while Ilaria Salis’ father, Robert Salis, is known as a quiet man, the community’s perception of his daughter has changed. Despite her pending start in the European Parliament, where some already miss her EU-related ideas, Ms. Salis has not been seen for days. She announced she was taking a break from the media to spend time with friends and family.

Criminal proceedings against her at the Budapest-Capital Regional Court have been suspended as her parliamentary immunity has not been waived.

The court will refer the case to the President of the European Parliament for a decision on her immunity status.

The Hungarian prosecutor’s office charged Ilaria Salis with two counts of being an accomplice and one count of being an accessory to a criminal offense of attempted assault causing bodily harm within a criminal organization.

The tribunal explained that under the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Union, MEPs enjoy immunity from detention and legal proceedings in their own and other Member States during European Parliament sessions. The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that an elected MEP is granted immunity from the date of their proclamation, allowing them to attend the inaugural session of the new legislature.


Ilaria Salis is a political activist accused of being part of an ANTIFA group that randomly attacked people in Budapest last year. The reason of the politically heated attack was that the victims wore similar clothes as the participants of the so called “breakout hike” on the “Day of Honor,” well-known around several far-right organizations. The group’s attacks were intended to send a message of deterrence to representatives of far-right movements by deliberately inflicting serious, even life-threatening injuries, and by the circumstances of the unexpected attack.

Alleged ANTIFA Activist Ilaria Salis: from Imprisoned Protester to Controversial MEP
Alleged ANTIFA Activist Ilaria Salis: from Imprisoned Protester to Controversial MEP

The 39-year-old teacher garnered a staggering 165,000 votes in the recent EP elections.Continue reading

Via Index; Featured Image: Pixabay

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