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The Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) is leaving the EPP and its parliamentary group after Péter Magyar’s TISZA Party was accepted by the EPP parliamentary group today, according to their statement, reports Magyar Nemzet.

Following a meeting with Manfred Weber, the Christian Democratic People’s Party stated that it cannot identify with the EPP’s war doctrine and cannot accept the inclusion of Péter Magyar in the EPP parliamentary group or the TISZA Party in the EPP for moral reasons.

They wrote the following:

This EPP is no longer what its Christian Democratic founders created it to be, due to the loss of identity and the shift towards leftism. Christian democratic voices within the EPP have become increasingly muted in recent times, and over the years, increasingly difficult compromises have been necessary.”

The party emphasized in its statement: “The EPP’s war doctrine runs counter to the commitment to peace for which the European Union itself was founded. The EPP and Péter Magyar are morally qualifying each other.”

The KDNP also pointed out that it will continue to represent the interests of Hungarians and the values of Christian democracy in Hungary and the European Union, as it has done for 80 years. György Hölvényi will continue his fight for persecuted Christians, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by his new mandate.

Mr. Hölvényi commented on the event on his social media page. “We went to the wall,” he wrote, reacting to the meeting between Manfred Weber and Magyar.

Another Hungarian MEP, Enikő Győri (Fidesz) also expressed her disapproval. On X, she wrote: “I congratulate to EPP Group for having admitted Péter Magyar & Co. to the group in the EP. He became notorious for seriously harassing his wife for 17 years. This is the way forward for validating European values in private & public life.”

KDNP’s president Zsolt Semjén said:

Péter Magyar’s presence is unacceptable for us in the parliamentary group, and the Tisza Party is unacceptable in the European People’s Party.”

Mr. Semjén added that “the KDNP has an 80-year history, and the Tisza Party has an 80-day history.”

As Hungary Today previously reported, Magyar met with Manfred Weber, President of the EPP, last Friday to discuss the conditions under which the TISZA Party MEPs could join the EPP. Deputy Prime Minister and KDNP’s head Zsolt Semjén also met with Weber, after which he said that if the TISZA Party is admitted to the EPP, the Christian Democratic People’s Party will have no other option but to leave.


In Hungary’s recent EP elections, Fidesz maintained its lead with 44.6%, albeit down from 51.5% in 2019. Péter Magyar, a newcomer in politics, secured 29.7%, reshaping the opposition landscape. The Tisza Party emerges with 50% of DK’s former support, now at 8.1%, underscoring major political shifts. Momentum and Jobbik experience setbacks, reflecting significant changes in Hungarian voter preferences. After talks with Weber, Mr. Magyar’s party was accepted to the EPP. Although Magyar had not planned to take up his seat, he finally decided to take it, following the will of his supporters.

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Via Magyar Nemzet; Featured Image: Pixabay

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