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Christian Democratic Party Leader Warns of Ideological Threats to the EU

Hungary Today 2023.12.28.

“The wild rampage of self-destructive ideological trends could destroy the European Union, this community worthy of a better fate,” István Simicskó, fraction leader of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) told Magyar Nemzet in connection with the stakes of next year’s European Parliament elections.

The politician pointed out that 2023 proved to be a difficult year.

He said that the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the misguided EU sanctions were “felt in the flesh.”

István Simicskó added that “during the negotiations with the European Union, we fought for such compromises on sanctions that, contrary to the original ideas, the final packages that were adopted did not cause us an insoluble crisis.”

On next year’s EP elections, the fraction leader said that “the stakes are very high, we have to decide in which direction the community should go.”

We need MEPs with an eye for vision and the ability to turn the EU’s steering wheel towards safe waters rather than raging waves,”

he continued, “…because the senseless migration policy, the endless mismanagement of the Ukrainian-Russian armed conflict and the wild rampage of self-destructive ideologies could tear this community apart.”

On his party’s role in the campaign, he said that “the KDNP is in a strong alliance of comradeship with Fidesz, a tried and tested construct,” and that the Christian Democratic “sail” of this cooperation ensures that we always move towards a common goal.

Simicskó is optimistic that the unblocked EU funds will indeed be made available as soon as possible, as Hungary has fully fulfilled its commitments in this regard.

If Brussels’ politically motivated resistance is lifted, Hungary will be entitled to receive the money they deserve in a short time.

The problem with Ukraine’s future accession to the EU, he said, is that none of the EU institutions has really assessed it in full detail. Ukraine’s catastrophic economic situation, its vast territory, and the incredibly high risk of corruption would completely overhaul the EU’s funding system, he added.

At the end of his statement, he stressed that “the forthcoming EP elections might also make the leaders of other countries realize that they have been playing politics against their European and national interests.

We need to look for allies and forge the most useful and closest cooperation possible.”

Via Magyar Nemzet; Featured Image: Facebook / Simicskó István

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