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Gov’t Starts Referendum Campaign with TV Ad about Gender Reassignment Surgery

Hungary Today 2022.03.03.

On April 3, not only will there be parliamentary elections, but the country will also hold a referendum at the initiative of the government, now being advertised on television.

The ad shows a mother who asks her daughter about her day and how her math test went. The girl answers that the test was canceled and, instead, a lecturer came who said that “There are boys who are girls and girls who are boys. And he said I could be a boy, too, if I wanted to be.”

At the end of the ad, the subtitle says: “Do you support the promotion of sex reassignment treatments for minors? Give your opinion in the child protection referendum!”


As we have reported before, despite criticism from the opposition the Hungarian Constitutional Court approved four questions of the “child protection” referendum, which are the following:

  • Do you support the teaching of sexual orientation to minors in public education institutions without parental consent?
  • Do you support the promotion of sex reassignment therapy for underage children?
  • Do you support the unrestricted exposure of underage children to sexually explicit media content that may affect their development?
  • Do you support the showing of sex-change media content to minors?

Hungary’s parliament passed amendments to the child protection law last June, aiming to protect children from “LGBTQ propaganda.”

“Gender reassignment surgery for kindergarten children is something that only exists in Fidesz’ minds,” the joint opposition’s candidate for prime minister, Péter Márki-Zay said before. Others from the opposition also criticized the referendum. For example, independent MP Bernadett Szél said that “All this to ask us about problems that don’t exist and for which laws were already passed,” adding that there are other problems regarding child protection. Sex reassignment surgeries for minors are indeed already illegal in Hungary.

On the other hand, the ruling parties consider sex education the exclusive right of parents, commented István Hollik, communications director of ruling Fidesz, adding that left-wing support for the “LGBTQ lobby” was “obvious.”

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Govt Reaction to CJEU Decision: “It’s about the Child Protection Act, not the Rule of Law”

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The ad can be watched below (the video was uploaded by Telex):

Featured photo via Telex’s youtube channel

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