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Cherry and Dark Chocolate: Budapest’s Dessert of the Year

Júlia Tar 2021.09.15.

Sweet Days Budapest 2021 will be organized this weekend, between the 17th and 19th of September. For the occasion, Budapest’s Dessert of the Year was chosen. Cocó7 Chocolate Shop and Open Workshop won with their dessert filled with cottage cream cheese and cherry, and covered in dark chocolate.

The Hungarian Chocolate and Confectionery Association has announced the fourth Budapest Dessert Competition, with the aim of making quality products that evoke the best traditions of the world-famous Hungarian confectionery industry accessible to more people, and to give Hungarian desserts their rightful place in Hungarian gastronomy, said Csaba Rebrus, president of the Association, at the Sweet Days press conference. He added that the Hungarian Chocolate and Confectionery Association considers it its task to change Hungarian confectionery consumption habits so that they move from quantitative consumption to qualitative. The Sweet Days were created to put Hungarian confectioners in a position to present their best sweets to a wide audience.

As he pointed out, an important aspect of the Budapest Dessert competition is that the sweets should be made from ingredients that are available to anyone, all year round. Every year, the competition determines the ingredients for the desserts, and this year the confectioners had to prepare the desserts using chocolate and cottage cheese, Rebrus emphasized.

A Sweet Welcome to St Stephen’s Day - Hungary’s Cakes of the Year
A Sweet Welcome to St Stephen’s Day - Hungary’s Cakes of the Year

This year Sándor Fodor's fruity creation titled "Sunflower" won the prestigious award, while the title of the Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary was awarded to Krisztián Füredi’s “Rose of Beszterce.”Continue reading

Bernadett Bretz, owner and confectioner of Cocó 7 said: the cream used for the dessert is a very light cottage cheese mousse with an amarena-flavored and almond liqueur-flavored, compote-like cherry in the middle. The cake was dipped in sixty percent dark chocolate cream with cocoa butter.

Sweet tooths who want to try the dessert can do so for the first time at the Budapest Sweet Days between the 17th and 19th of September at St. Stephen’s Square.

Featured image via Lajos Soós/MTI