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Cheap Imported Eggs Stir Controversy and Threaten Domestic Farmers

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.06.07.

Cheap foreign eggs have recently appeared in Penny Market’s Hungarian stores, raising concerns from the Hungarian Egg Hybrid Breeders and Egg Producers Association.

The association warns that this move could destabilize the domestic egg market. While Penny Market states that Hungarian eggs constitute the majority of their stock, they also emphasize the importance of affordable prices, which sometimes necessitates importing goods.

In a statement, the association claimed that Penny Market’s actions are unwarranted because there is an adequate supply of domestic eggs.

They noted that despite Penny Market’s established relationships with Hungarian suppliers, the chain has recently rejected offers from local partners. The association argues that importing eggs could further depress already declining egg prices, harming domestic producers.

The weekly packing center selling-price of eggs in trays from cage farming. Picture: AKI

The Hungarian egg sector is willing to compete on fair pricing, but production costs set a minimum price level for profitability. The association cautioned that price instability could quickly devastate domestic egg businesses.

They highlighted the strategic importance of a stable Hungarian egg production system for national food security.

While acknowledging that the Hungarian market is not self-sufficient in eggs year-round and imports are sometimes necessary during peak periods like Christmas and Easter, the association insists that the current domestic supply is sufficient to meet market demands. They urge for fair cooperation between producers and traders, criticizing Penny Market’s current approach as detrimental to fair business relations.

Penny Hungary maintains that it prioritizes supporting local producers and ensuring a wide range of domestic products in its stores.

They are in ongoing negotiations with Hungarian egg suppliers and assert that most of their egg stock is still sourced locally. However, they justify importing certain products, like the current range of white-shelled eggs available in the western region, to keep prices affordable for consumers.

Interior of a Penny Market store. Photo: FB_Penny Market

“In this difficult economic climate, we believe it is important to ease the burden on our customers, so we only enter into agreements that help us achieve this goal. Our current range of imported eggs, a special type with a white shell, is available in the western region and has a favorable price point for consumers,” Penny Market said in their response.

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