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Romanian Senator Causes Anti-Hungarian Uproar in Bucharest Parliament

Hungary Today 2023.12.07.

Ultra-nationalist senator Diana Șoșoacă went on an anti-Hungarian tirade, shouting at a deputy from the Hungarian Democratic Alliance of Romania (RMDSZ) in a scathing tone, reports Krónika.

The incident occurred on Monday in the Bucharest parliament, when the plenary of the two chambers held a joint session three days late to mark Romania’s national holiday on December 1. The speaker of the RMDSZ was Senator Lóránd Turos, who emphasized in his speech that Romanians and Hungarians should have the same attitude towards the past and should not look for what divides them, but for what unites them. The Hungarian senator from Satu Mare County (Szatmár, Satu Mare) recalled that Romanians were aware of the importance of national, cultural, and educational rights in the 1918 Declaration of Gyulafehervár (Alba Iulia), which declared the unification of Transylvania, Banat, Partium, and Marmarosh with the Kingdom of Romania.

“That is why they committed themselves to guaranteeing these rights to those with whom they live in Transylvania. For us, this declaration, this commitment, is of great importance and message.

We believe that those who would forget or delete the chapter in the Alba Iulia Declaration that concerns us are not only acting against us, but also against the true interests of Romania,”

emphasized Lóránd Turos.

Turos Loránd Photo: Facebook

Diana Șoșoacă, who is notorious for her scandals, jumped up from her seat and interrupted the RMDSZ politician’s speech by shouting and at times screaming: “Go to the Hungarian Parliament and talk like that! You already have too many rights here! Go to Hungary!” – shouted the leader of the SOS Romania party.

Șoșoacă, who was expelled from the ultranationalist Alliance for the Unification of Romanians (AUR), lost her patience when Turos said that December 1, 1918 “was a turning point for the Hungarian community in Transylvania, as it went from being a majority nation to a minority community.”

“What is he talking about? Shame on you, traitor! Take the microphone away from him!” shouted Șoșoacă, recording the session on her cell phone and broadcasting it live on her social media page. The Romanian politician declared that “December 1st belongs to Romania,” and called on Turos to “go to Hungary if he does not like it.”

The commemoration was attended by representatives of Romanian churches and former Romanian Head of State Emil Constantinescu, who were all forced to listen to Șoșoacă’s “performance,” which continued after Turos’ speech, with the politician shouting throughout the session. A Romanian member of parliament asked her to stop the disruption, whereupon Șoșoacă continued to insult him in the same tone, calling him a “cockroach, insect, sectarian.” The President of the Upper House, Nicolae Ciucă, who chaired the session, made only one unsuccessful attempt to reprimand Șoșoacă. Turos continued to speak despite the constant background noise.

The scandal-ridden Romanian politician had a similar outburst in the Bucharest Parliament in November, when she railed against the hoisting of the Szekler flag in the upper house, with loud shouting. Following the incident, RMDSZ Senator Barna Tánczos pointed out that the senate needs rules that promote democratic debate and not the public stigmatization of a community.

The nationalist SOS Romania party, founded by Șoșoacă, could pass the 5% threshold in parliament, as could the extremist Alliance for the Unification of Romanians (AUR), according to a survey presented on Monday. According to this survey, 22.7 percent of Romanians trust Șoșoacă. The strongest nationalist party, AUR, would receive 19.5 percent of the vote.

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