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Car from “The Godfather” Hidden in Hungarian Village

Cadillac has been a luxury brand of General Motors since 1909, which also produced a somewhat lower-ranking sister brand, LaSalle, from 1927. The LaSalle models produced by Cadillac were smaller and less luxurious than the pure luxury cars of the parent company and were offered until the end of the brand in 1941. A LaSalle was featured in the 1972 movie The Godfather, in which Sonny Corleone, played by James Caan, appeared on the screen. This car is located in Hungary in the Cadillac Museum.

This article was originally published on our sister-site, Ungarn Heute. Translated by Júlia Tar.

Even the famous gangster Al Capone used such a car, namely a 1928 armored Town Sedan. The car was painted in the same color as Chicago police cars, which helped to camouflage the car, but it was eventually confiscated in 1931.

Tax Authority Auctions Luxury Cars after Bust
Tax Authority Auctions Luxury Cars after Bust

The auction begins on September 10th, with the starting bids ranging from HUF 15 million (EUR 43,000) to HUF 47 million (EUR 135,000).Continue reading

It is little known that the car used in the film is based in Hungary, near the Slovakian border. The LaSalle 345-B sedan, which is exhibited in the Cadillac Museum in Aggtelek, could be viewed for the first time in 1932.

The richly chromed five-seater is 5.2 meters long and weighs 2,257 kilograms. Its front-mounted, side-valve V8 gasoline engine produces 115 horsepower from a displacement of 5.8 liters. Produced in about a thousand units, the veteran has three forward gears and one reverse gear, and a manual transmission. The luxury car with a heated passenger compartment has adjustable suspension with a lever under the dashboard.

Photo via the Cadillac Veteran Car Museum’s Facebook page

Source: HVG

Featured image via the Cadillac Veteran Car Museum’s Facebook page