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Lidl Introduces Quantity Restriction in Response to Price Cap

Hungary Today 2022.01.31.

As we have reported before, the Hungarian government introduced a price cap for seven food products which comes into effect on February 1st and will last until May 1st. From February, Lidl Hungary will also introduce a quantitative restriction on the number of durable food products subject to the price cap.

The decree on the price cap states that the trader must sell products marketed on October 15, 2021. The decree also says that the products concerned must be kept in stock. They must also sell at least the average daily volume for that day of the week in 2021.


The products included in the food cap are the following:

  • granulated sugar
  • wheat flour
  • sunflower oil
  • pork leg
  • chicken breast
  • chicken tail
  • 2.8% cow’s milk

However, as reported by Pénzcentrum, in Lidl Hungary’s latest flyer, Lidl has introduced a quantity limit on products with official prices. The maximum quantity that can be bought per purchase will be as follows:

  • granulated sugar: 10 kg
  • wheat flour: 10 kg
  • milk: 12 liters
  • sunflower oil: 10 liters
Food Price Cap: Stores Must Display Government Price Freeze Logo
Food Price Cap: Stores Must Display Government Price Freeze Logo

The Orbán government maximized prices of granulated sugar, wheat flour, sunflower cooking oil, pork legs, chicken breast, chicken backs, and semi-skimmed cow's milk to October 15, 2021 levels, starting February 1st.Continue reading

On the other hand, the promotional brochure also reveals that Lidl goes below the official prices. As promised, “we will provide an additional discount on the statutory official price” so that granulated sugar and flour will be 10 forints cheaper, UHT milk 19% cheaper, and sunflower oil 14-15% cheaper than the statutory date.

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